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West of Scotland:Flora and Fauna todays catogory Neds

[FONT="Courier New"][SIZE="2"]Anyway for all those who don't know A ned is a person from the west of scotland whom is usually young unemployed, drugged up and drunk. Thier fashion sense consits of track suits large soverign rings a (for the ladies it also includes a gold chain with thier name on it i believe this is in case they forget thier name) baseball caps are also required as can be hooded tops.Ned behaviour involves them roaming in groups of between 4 upwards indeed in some areas there have been sightings of groups up to a hundred strong. Generally they will attack in group as a lone ned is usually not dangerous. Favorite weapons consist of Baseball Bats (There are a lot of baseball bats sold in scotland however no one plays baseball) and knives. They are terrotorial and will attack intruders especially the "Polis" (police) and other rival neds