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40k Night Wed. 11/16/05 Genstealer Army

I brought my Tyranids to my local store and played a few games with them. I was undefeated since I massacred Ultramarines and almost wiped out Feral Orks (the guy had to leave before we finished). So I came to 40k night with some hope.The first game I played went horrible as I had to face the Necrons. I lost the choice of table edge but won to see who went first. I foolishly choose second and paid the price. Quite simply, the Necron fire power obliterated my broods and the only one that survived was my Broodlord simply because I forgot about him for a turn!In the second game I went up against the Dark Eldar. This time I won the table (lots of cover!) but lost the first turn. To my horror I once again had to go second. I lost one whole brood to shooting but then advanced upon my prey with one brood of Genestealers getting to grips with some wyches. I believe my opponent was scared of the Broodlord simply because he didn't know what he did. So he threw his Archon, one Talos and jetbikes into the Broodlord and retinue. I took a few more casualties from shooting but eventually got into close combat. I wiped out both of his talos' simply because I got off so many rending hits!