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My first blog... yay?

I dont really know what to write, so ill rant away!Hmm life has been getting hard recently.. My electric razor broke.. Buying a new one was waaay too pricey for me (I'm a uni student, at wolverhampton uni!!! It sucks here, but the course i am doing (virtual reality) is GREAT!)On top of that i found out that i HAVEN'T paid for my pre-ordered robosapien v2... I thought when i pre ordered, within a month the cash had been taken out. Now THAT is making another large hole in my student loan (a 200 sized hole)...Im gonna be living on the cheap methinks!Stuff with my girlfriend has gotten better, she dominates my life, even though i rarely get to see her (We havent seen each other in 3 weeks, shes at cambridge university you see...)