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The Fatal Tragedy of Space Marines

Well, this is it. My first blog entry on Librarium Online. As usual, it wasn't a question of having things to talk about - I have plenty of those. It was a question of deciding which of those things to talk about. Then I decided at about the time I wrote this sentence. Well, last thursday was my first Warhammer 40K game in ages. I don't think I've played since 3rd edition at least and even then, I never really played regularly. For me, the joy lay in fluff and theoryhammer, both for Warhammer and Warhammer 40K and I never actually got around to playing the game, just tweaking and writing army lists for people. Well, now all of that has changed, with my university being in the UK, I have ample opportunities, so I decided to get back into the hobby and play a few! This decision coincided with two things - the release of the new Black Templars and me signing up for the Winter War tournament in January. I don't know how I got pushed into it, the GW staff seem to be very good at making you do stuff. Must be some kind of psychic power or mind control...makes me want to work for them so I know how it's done.