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Ski lifts, Winter Assault, and mIRC

Well, I got back from my orientation for my job as a ski lift attendent... about two hours ago. 'Twas a lot of fun, and we have many people who are newberts like myself. First, I was presented with a crapton of papers. They all required my attention, but all most of them needed were signatures on my part. Our initial training video was made sixteen years ago, so it was a little sketchy but informative for the most part. We were shown around two of the lifts and their controls before proceeding to Evacuation Awareness Training. This may sound dire, but it really isn't and is in fact quite rare. If for some odd reason the chairlift stops functioning properly and there are people stuck in the chairs, Ski Patrol has to get them down. Since lift attendents are sometimes picked as part of the rescue team, we had to attend in order to get the basics of it. We even went through the procedure with eight volunteer rescuees (guess who went up with them? ). After that we were free to go. I had to stop on the way home to pick up printer ink and good thick socks, but that was it.