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A dark and stormy night.

So, I've got 4 days left on the rig, and the storm has hit There's quite a few big waves, and the wind is somewhere around 70 knots, so no choppers are coming or going. Which is a drag, as our company has it's christmas party on friday, and if I don't make it home on thursday I'm gonna miss it, which blows, as I missed it last year too... Ah well, no accounting for Mother Nature I guess. :-P In other news, us Admins are working hard to ever to improve LO, and nowadays it's mostly minor tweaks, and behind the scenes fixing, as LO in itself is very near a happy place as far as design and functionality goes. This isn't to say that everything is set in stone, but it does mean that no major changes are due for a looong time (yay!).