This morning on the FOX NEWS morning news/talk show, there was a story about Col. Ollie
North and Col. Hunt (both members of the FOX news staff) visiting wounded US mil service
members at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. They were talking to a recently wounded in
Iraq Marine, a Joshua Sparling, who is recovering/re- hab'ing. On a wall next to the young
Marine's bed was a single card that said something akin to "die Marine".....

Some anti-war and anti-US military puke had sent this Marine an "I hope you die" get well
card. It was the only card that this brave kid had received. True to form, he put it on
the wall next to his bed as an inspiration to recover, rehab and get back to his unit and
USMC buds.

Both the Colonels and the FOX news people thought this brave kid was an inspiration and
certainly deserving better than a one time "go die" card....

So, FOX put out his name and address at Walter Reed so he can get some Get Well Cards.....

Name: Joshua Sparling
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue NW
Washington, D.C 20307-5001