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The Pain of Playing Dark Eldar

I know I complain about this kind of stuff a lot, but I feel like I have arthritis right about joints are killing me from painting so many models in one day. I guess it is my own fault, so I deserve what I get. Anyway, Christmas Holidays have been on for the past week and I find it quite disturbing that I haven't done anything at all apart from paint models. I am also beginning to feel extremely lethargic, which has caused me to theorize that school for students is much like the demonic magic was for the Orcs in Warcraft. Without the influence of demonic power, they became extremely lethargic and no longer cared about fighting or even dying or anything like that anymore. There are a lot of similarities too - school seems to drive people into an insane bloodlust whenever you disturb them and they're working on some extremely stressful essay. Then, when the holidays come, they lose the drive and motivation to keep going on with their work and without this powerful...thing in their veins, they just can't be bothered to do anything anymore. By extension, this theory means that, if proven true, the majority of our teachers are in fact powerful Warlocks who have sold their souls to the Burning Legion for the power to enslave us all. IT'S A CONSPIRACY, I TELL YOU! YOU'VE GOT TO BREAK FREE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!