The idea is that we will make a forum, in which we beforehand brainstorm about ideas and interesting extra's for the forum. This can be done on a test forum, or communcation programs where we all can discuss ideas together (such as MSN). The forum will be Vampire Counts related.

The people willing to also become a Mod or Admin, depending on their task and input. This does come with extra qualties, mainly things you have to do, such as advertising.

What I am searching for, are people who have 4 main qualties of themselves for making the forum, and eventually become Mod/Admin:

- Collects Vampire Counts (preferable veteran players and painters).

- Is familiar to Invisionfree and would be able to search codes for it and/or modify existing codes. (would be nice that he/she is able to make codes, but that is not necessary).

- Is not a Mod/Supermod/Admin on any other forum.

- Has a fresh mind for ideas for a forum.

There are some more points I consider, but nearly as important as the above 3, such as:

- You have to have creativity for ideas for the forum.

- The will to make a forum with a group.

- Is not affraid to speak out about their own ideas and is no affraid to disagree with an idea of somebody else.

On a side remark, it would be great if the person could make banners and or buttons. If he/she can, please post immediately if you also collect VC.

These qualities seem to be inachievable for most people. But if the person is just a bit interested and wanting to complete things, you are able to do all of these things above. A will and interest is only what it takes.

Off course, you need some free time, as a forum is not made in 1,2,3 steps.

If you think you a willing to do this and have some of these qualities, please post here.

If you post, please tell me your age and introduce yourself. Include if you have free time and why I should choose you. In addition, give your msn (if you have that) or e-mail adress.

You could always try your luck and see what happens, so try and post to convince me

Waiting for applicants,