Blue Table Painting Update
Saturday, February 18, 2006
Issue 63

The other day, I was surfing Blue Table’s For Sale section and I realized that the Confrontation section was embarrassingly emaciated. So, with quickened resolve I have decided to provide you, the faithful miniatures battler, with a broad selection of Rackham fare. The goal is to have a force up in every category by the end of April. Here’s the top of the batting order:

1. Undead
2. Goblin Bushi Diorama
3. Goblins
4. Alahan
5. Alchemists

6. Gobins
7. Expand Oriental Goblins
8. Griffins
9. Devourers

What armies would you like to see for Confrontation?

Check in the Now Available or Confrontation folders.

The checkout on Blue Table’s website is secure. If you have any trouble at all with your checkout, just let me know. I can send a Paypal bill and then just pull the listings manually from the site.

Fire Dragons and Emperor’s Children
I am working on my 40K army for LA Games Day in April. The Shrine of the Burning Dragon is a Fire Dragon themed Eldar army. I magnetized all the tank weapons over the weekend. Heather is bringing an Emperor’s Children army and Jason is bringing an Imperial Guard army.

Now Scheduling for March
It’s not too late to have an army done for Adepticon!

Do you have a major event in March? Just send us a list of what you’d like done and we’ll help you through the process. If you decide that now is not the right time to have your work done, that’s just fine, at least you’ll know how it works.

Do you have a ton of unorganized pewter in the garage? You can just box it up and send it out. We’ll transform all those pieces into a finished army that you’ll be proud to have on your gaming table.

We accept Paypal. Using a credit card to make a Paypal payment is just as easy as a credit card checkout on a typical website.

Forge World Order
We’re making a Forge World order on Wednesday, February 22. It will be large enough to qualify for free freight. If you care to commission anything from Forge World, now is a good time.

Blue Table now has four unpainted Warhammer armies available: Skaven, Beastmen, and Lizardmen. They are unassembled current edition models (except the Skaven have a few OOP stuff). If you would like to commission them, the materials are 40% off. Email for details.

We also have a rockin’ Imperial Guard drop troop army—heavily converted with 91 all metal infantry, four Sentinels, and two Basilisks. All with jump packs or turnbines. They are metal stormtroopers with double-turbine style drop packs. The vehicles are also heavily converted to be platforms with massive VTOL engines. Email for details.

This offer good until February 28, 2006. Uh, while supplies last.

I think college is a great thing for young people… if their parents are paying.

The other day I realized that almost everyone at Blue Table has a college degree, or is close:

Shawn: graduated from SOU with a degree in Spanish.
Heather: one class away from a degree in Art.
Jason: one class away from a degree in Liberal Arts at BYU.
Andy: double major from USU! History and Communications.
Dan: Mechanical Engineering (just look at some of his conversions) at BYU.
Christen: degree in Art.
Nick: working on degree in Physical Therapy at BYU

The Clockwork
Right now, we are working on smoothing out our system. Handling 3-4 armies a week involves a huge amount of detail, and any oversights are noticed by clients. Ultimately, Blue Table will have an online database that tracks the progress of every project. Right now, the process is something like this:

1. Project Setup. When you send Instructions and a Deposit, the project is scheduled.
2. Receiving table (1 day) models are accounted for and transferred to foam-lined bins. An email is sent to you confirming receipt of your models.
3. Ordering shelf (3-7 days or more) projects that need additional models go here until all the materials are accumulated. This is most often where a project is delayed due to backordered materials. We place an order about once a week.
4. Assembly Prep (0-1 days) the project Instructions are reviewed by the OM (Office Manager) and put in the bin along with the Project Breakdown.
5. Assembly (3-7 days) projects that need assembly are assigned to an assembler who completes them in the order received. He notes repairs and cleanup that need to be made on the Project Breakdown. The OM inspects the models for mould lines, proper texturing and general quality of assembly.
6. Painting Prep (0-1 days) the Project Breakdown is reviewed and a Work Order is created for the painter. Now, there are three documents in the bin: Instructions, Work Order (contract between Blue Table and Painter), and Project Breakdown (contract between Blue Table and Client).
7. Painting (3-7 days or more) a single painter (or a small crew of painters in the case of larger projects) is given your project. The best painter for the particular job is decided on. The painter(s) signs off on the Beginning Checklist
a. Models accounted for
b. Models textured correctly (bases)
c. Models cleaned correctly (mould lines and flashing)
d. Deadline is realistic
e. Instructions are clear
8. Project Completion. The painter signs off on the Ending Checklist:
a. Models double matte coated
b. Models inspected by painter
c. Models inspected by Art Director
d. Models inventoried by OM
9. Digital Photography (0-2 Days) Between 20 and 100 pics are taken of your project and posted on Blue Table’s website. You are sent a link to the pics as well as a copy of your Project Breakdown that shows what is owed on your project.
10. Approval (0-2 days, it’s up to you) completed projects are put here until your approval. If you want alterations or there are errors on your project, it goes back to painting. Then payment comes through, mostly by Paypal. This is printed out and your project is moved to the packing table.
11. Packing (0-1 day) the packer comes in four times a week to pack packages. We only get the packages out about twice a week. This is an area where we are going to improve greatly.
12. In Transit (2-4 working days) USPS Priority takes 2-4 days to get the package to your door.
13. Satisfaction Letter. About a week after being shipped you will get an email asking if all is in odder. We always follow up.
14. Long Term Relationship. We want to earn and keep clients for the long term. It is really cause for celebration at the studio when we get a repeat client. It’s noticed when you come back. About 70% of our business is from repeat clients. There’s no reason not to use Blue Table. If something is amiss, we will fix it.

So, as you can see, it takes two to four weeks to turn around a project from the time your project is set up. It’s faster if models are provided, and even faster if provided assembled. Sometimes it’s a bit longer depending on how the schedule is booked.

I did a ton of stuff with my family these last few weeks. We went to Salt Lake City and visited the zoo and relatives (sometimes hard to tell where I was). On the way home, my daughter remarked that it was the best day of her life. Not hard to top the charts when you’re six years old!

And of course the Valentine’s Day dinner. I got my wife a Sympathy card—my usual gag (eg sorry you’ve had to put up with me). I’m just kidding, of course, Tamie never had it so good. We went to an Italian place. There was a huge line.

I bought America, the Book by Jon Stewart. That’s worth a good belly laugh about every page. But only if you like politics on some level. Me? I like them on the lower level.

About ten inches of snow fell last night. There’s something just heavenly about a blanket of fresh snow over the world with a crisp blue sky overhead. Everything smells so clean. But then there’s the shoveling.

Reach out and Touch Someone
You can IM Shawn, the owner:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
• MSN Messenger ID is bluetablepainting

Follow Up
Blue Table does occasionally make a mistake. We always, always follow up. If you have something amiss, letting us know is not a complaint. You are giving us the opportunity to keep you as a client over the long term. Truly, we are grateful to hear of a mistake.

Best regards,
Shawn Gately