Blue Table Painting Update
Monday, March 20, 2006
Issue 67

Now Scheduling for April
Have a project needs doing? Just send us a list of what you’d like done and we’ll help you through the process. If you decide that now is not the right time to have your work done, that’s just fine, at least you’ll know how it works.

Do you have a ton of unorganized pewter in the garage? You can just box it up and send it out. We’ll transform all those pieces into a finished army that you’ll be proud to have on your gaming table.

We accept Paypal. Using a credit card to make a Paypal payment is just as easy as a credit card checkout on a typical website.

Don’t like Paypal? A MO is fine. We’ll work with you.

The Circle of Eight is Complete
Blue Table is now complete with eight full-time professionals and a few support staff.

Lavender- new Office Manager
Heather- Art Director
Andy- Painter
Jay- Painter
Jason- Painter
Mike- Painter/Sculptor
Bill- Assembler/Converter
Shawn (me)- Client Relations

Which reminds me, I’m going to be looking soon for a replacement for myself. OR a replacement Painter if we draw in-house for this position. See below for details. Support personnel: Christen (painting), Aaron (assembly), and Amanda (packing and tech support). Dan, the acting office manager, has turned his attention back to college full time. Fare thee well, Dan!

Each Painter has a specialty, but everyone can do the basic style of Blue Table for the sake of consistency. We have an awesome crew, every last one on board with the big picture.

Get Some Satisfaction
Have you ever had an error on your order? Please oh please let us know! Word of mouth is the ultimate commodity in our business. Unlike the bulk of the corporate world, Blue Table does care about our clients. Try calling and see if someone doesn’t pick up: 801 372 8545. We’ll take care of you!

In Recent News…
Check out our recent projects in the New Stuff section of the gallery:

Most notably, we finished a few prominent Forge World pieces including two huge Tyranids.

Reach out and Touch Someone
You can IM Shawn, the owner:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is jazzmouth
• MSN Messenger ID is bluetablepainting

You can IM Lavender, the office manager:
• Yahoo Messenger ID is middlepillarpath

What Happened to Confrontation?
I really want to populate the Confrontation and War Machine sections of the website, but we’ve had a ton of commissions come in (a good thing) and so that’s been delayed. Stay tuned, though, they’re coming.

Truth in Advertising
Blue Table has something like 12,000 pics of our work on our website for your perusal. We don’t put up just our best work. If it’s not good enough to put on the website for the whole world to see, then it’s not good enough to send to our clients.

I really like for everything to be clear and that’s why we have a detailed Service Guide. In legalese, that would be our Terms of Service so you will know exactly what to expect.

Fire Dragon Shrine
I am working on my 40K army for LA Games Day in April. The Shrine of the Burning Dragon is a Fire Dragon themed Eldar army. I finished the first two of six tanks, as well as a few Vypers. You can see a project log on Warseer:

Blue Table now has four unpainted Warhammer armies available: Skaven, Beastmen, and Lizardmen. They are unassembled current edition models (except the Skaven have a few OOP stuff). If you would like to commission them, the materials are 40% off. Email for details.

We also have a rockin’ Imperial Guard drop troop army—heavily converted with 91 all metal infantry, four Sentinels, and two Basilisks. All with jump packs or turnbines. They are metal stormtroopers with double-turbine style drop packs. The vehicles are also heavily converted to be platforms with massive VTOL engines. Email for details.

This offer extended until March 15, 2006. Uh, while supplies last.

Tomorrow is my twelfth anniversary. Twelve glorious years with a wonderful woman. We’re going to visit the Salt Lake Temple, where we were married, and generally just have a day out on the town. It will be a nice break from ten to twelve hour days six days a week.

I made a Leprechaun trap with Kenna for a school project. That was some special daddy-daughter time. My first sketch was for a spiked trap, like something from wargames, but Tamie informed me that the trap had to be humane. So, we ended up with a swinging door trap with gold to lure him in. But alas, all Kenna caught was the sprite’s little green hat.

Oh, and you won’t believe this, but the scales at the doctor’s office show me as ten pounds too heavy. I’ve weighed in at a manly $1.97 for the last five years, but now it’s showing 207 lbs! Tamie has started calling me Fat Fatty. Why is that OK if it’s the woman saying it? Aaaanyway, I got a bike and I’m going to start biking to work. I’m actually pretty excited about it.

Client Relations- position soon to be open
Blue Table is looking for a Client Relations person. While this is a PR-like positions there is a broader scope: sales, promotions, finances and customer service. This position will be open in the next two to four months. I will still be in communication with clients, but will focus on mentoring painters and working on large house projects (including populating the For Sale section of the website).

Job Description
Client Relations:
• Respond to client inquiries
• Create quotes and contracts for assembly and painting
• Customer Service after the sale
• Schedule projects
• Track sales

Promotional work:
• Post on Forums
• Work out advertising with other internet sites
• Administrate Blue Table’s website (no coding, just maintenance)
• Writing newsletters and updates
• Create and maintain logos and graphics

• Extensive and intimate knowledge of miniatures battles and roleplaying game systems.
• College level writing and speaking skills.
• Proficient in the following programs: MS Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop and MS Access.
• Familiar with digital photography (lighting, composition and technical)
• Type 55wpm without error, or 65wpm with some errors.
• Must live within driving distance of our studio in Spanish Fork, UT (or be willing to relocate—we’ve successfully brought four workers in from around the country).
• Ability to code in PHP a plus.
• Must have held a full time job for at least a full year at some point in your life.

Most of our clients are working professionals ages 30 to 60. They expect correspondence to be clean, quick, and well-written.

Pay and Hours
Pay is $8.50 to $9.50 per hour to start, depending on experience. This job requires 30-40 hours a week.

Please email with <Inquiry- Client Relations> as your subject line. You will be sent an interview/application sheet. Now, if you are up for being a Blue Table Painter, send an email with <Inquiry- Painter> as the subject line as we may need a replacement Painter if the CR position is filled in house.

Best regards,
Shawn Gately