Spring... the time when a young gamer's fancy turns to conventions..

Econocon IX: Into the Dragon's Den is coming up in roughly a month. This will be my first time attending it, but instinct tells me it'll be a ****ton of fun. They cater to all types of gamers. For the Warhammerers (both 40k & fantasy), there's an RTT. If Roleplaying is your thing, there's tons of that in all systems. I know a few of the people running them personally, so I can offer you a few opinions on how they run a game. Magic: The Gathering junkies, you are not left out either.

For more information, breeze over to http://oz.plymouth.edu/~psugaming/?page_id=5. I'll be in attendence. Just look for the short, skinny man with brown hair in a pony tail and ovular glasses. I'm not entering the RTT, but you'll see me around... somewhere. Just thought I'd give this some free advertising.