If I started off this review with one line that sums up the movie, it would definately have to be

People should not fear their governments, governments should fear their people...

This pretty much sets the stage for the entire movie. Of couse in the current deluge of hollywood dreck, I found this one stands apart not so much for the acting, the plotline or any individual element its mainly a film that forces the audience to consider its ideas moreso than any other factor involved. If you are unfamiliar with the graphic novel, as I am and the general plotline, its basically this:

In the not too distant future, the UK has become a police state reminicent of George Orwell's 1984, in this state a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask terrorizes the current regime with acts of blatent terrorism, extolling the people to rise up againt the oppressive government. In a very "comic bookish" back alley scene he comes across a young woman beset by government secret police, kick-assness ensues, and the main plotline is revealed.

This movie is beyond political, and despite what the previews would have you believe, its really not an action movie at all. In fact, the action scenes are few and far between. (although they are definately good) The film from start to finish, screams "Viva le Revolution" and basically is a cinematic kick in the balls to any citizen in any country willing to trade away rights and freedoms for the illusion of security. A warning however, unless you are familiar with it, the plotline and background material will not completely reveal itself until the end of the movie, so be prepared to put your "what the hell is going on" thoughts on hold and just try to keep up, Don't worry.. a majority of your questions will be answered by the time its over.

Personally, I found the movie frankly... awesome. Of course I myself love something different, and while a lot of reviews imply a homosexual bent, or critique the advocacy of terrorism, to me the totalitarian control of the futuristic government is not too far a cry from the current administration to be unbelievable. The film does get very into the human side of things, so if you need constant visual explosions and horrific death to enjoy a film, its not for you at all. V as a character is a definate enigma from start to finish, ruthlessly killing albeit with a definate streak of mercy and in another scene flipping eggs in an apron for breakfast, still clad in the trademark mask. The Dialogue from V is a plethora of 10 and 20 dollar words and unless your vocabulary is extensive, the first scene with V will have you looking for a dictionary... it is easier to think of him as an idea rather then a person by the time the credits roll.

In short, not knowing anything about the film or story beforehand, and coming out with so far the best movie of the year and a contender for my personal top 10 favorite movie list.