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    Damnatus Discussion

    Alright, first of all, I want to say that I posted this topic here for a few reasons. One, it has nothing to do with the 'hobby' company/miniature wise. Second, this is a forum where post counts do not rise because someone posts. Three, I know this movie has been talked about quite alot, but no one has really 'talked about' it. Most have just gone "OOH, a Warhammer40K film, that's awesome!" and left it at that. What I want to do is TALK about this film.


    I'm currently looking at the Damnatus site, www.damnatus.com , just in case anyone is interested and you haven't heard about it yet. Anywho', it's set on a planet where a group of mercenaries is hired to investigate Chaotic Cult activity. That's all I know. The idea sounds interesting, very Inquisitional, but I think it needs something more.

    Don't get me wrong though, I think the guys are doing an awesome job for something that I'm pretty sure has to be low-budget. I wish it wasn't though, maybe then I wouldn't have the following echoing in my mind 'I bet I could do better...'

    I have in front of me on my computer table a Palmcorder VHSC PV-L657. Soon, I'm going to start thinking of the script. Then I'm going to get my drinking cronies together and (not) pay them to help me shoot an awesome short(or long, depends on how much I feel like doing this after a while...) film set in the 40K universe. More on this later though...

    Well, what I want from you guys is what you think about Damnatus. Me, personally, I really don't think it's going to live up the title of Warhammer 40K. Once again, I'm not knocking the guys, but...It's just the way I feel. It's also my opinion, my own view.

    Just a note, if you're going to insult ME with something along the lines of 'This is just a low-budget film, they're doing the best they can!' sort of thing, I'm going to ignore it.

    I think they're doing a great job for barely having any funding, but it's just that nagging at the back of my head...


    Don't spam on this thread with ten word posts, even though it doesn't raise your post count, it's just going to get this thread locked quickly. So please don't do it.

    Just give your input on what you think about Damnatus.


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    I somewhat agree with your point that Damnatus won't live up to the 40k name. Although it is a low budget film, I just don't think it will be really good (even though I hope it is). I am going to watch it though once they finish to see if its any good.

    Hopefully it will be better than the 'Bolter fire, we must go back!' (it is a funny show, but was crap) film they show at gamesday.
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