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    If Warhammer 40k Influenced the world.

    I was watching a program on the history channel last night about space and technology and how star trek influenced it. hosted by none other then william shatner himself LOL. So i wonderd if you guys think GW's Warhammer 40,000 will be the next influence on the science world today. I don't know if any of you caught that i guess if you're in a different country it might not have aired there but what i found exciting was that everything star trek (the original one, not the next generation even though i think it's still a nice series) producers put on TV was all made up, like the teleporter and that thing that can preform surgery on a human without even opening him up and people have acctually tried to get it to work for real life and someone created a laser that can destroy tumors through the bone and skin without going inside the person all because star trek thought it up. Even though the 40k world consists of constant wars and people dieing by the nano second i would love to see 40k influence some world leader or some scientist, im not mathematicly inclined enough to start designing my own Imperial cruiser and start talking about warping space but hopefully one of you are!

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    There's a saying from a science fiction book I read a while ago, and it's scary in it's own way, but it explains the phenomenon you're talking about. It goes something like
    "Anything man can imagine, man can create"
    It is a very scary thought when you consider some of the things man has imagined in the past.
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