So I'm going to attempt to review the massive double album, Stadium Arcadium. It's quite possibly the best two discs of music on this entire planet, and if you don't already own it, buy it as soon as possible.

DISC 1: Jupiter

Dani California: The first song on the album, you've probably heard it already (unless you live under a rock or something) it gets things started off rocking out of the gate. A great start and it only gets better from here: 9/10
Favorite lyric: "She's my priestess, I'm your priest"

Snow ((Hey-Oh)): Starting out with a mellow guitar bit, then introducing some heavy bass, this song definitely feels like an extenstion of the sound found on the album "By The Way". I really like this song. 9.5/10
Favorite lyric: "When it's killin me, what do I really need?"

Charlie: A kick in the face full of old-timey fun timey RHCP funk with the awesome bass and wacky lyrics. One of the best songs in the 2-disc set, this song is very fun to sing. 10/10
Favorite lyric: "When I pick up on that smell, pick it up and run like hell"

Stadium Arcadium: The title track, it's ok, but there's better songs on the album. A nice mellow song though. 8/10
Favorite lyric: "Stadium Arcadium, a mirror to the moon"

Hump de Bump: A definite feel of the older funk sound from the "Blood Sugar Sex Magick" era, the bass is unbelievable in this one and the lyrics are just weird. 9/10
Favorite lyric: "Musta been 100 miles, any of 100 styles"

She's Only 18: The result of some of the early funk crashing into the "Californication"-type sound and sursprisingly, it's awesome. Some sweet guitar parts in this one. 9.5/10
Favorite lyric: "We'll all be laughing after you are dead"

Slow Cheetah: fast children! (that's a reference to the "Fast Animals, Slow Children" thing on Family Guy) And now, back to the review! This song starts out mellow but then gets some rock into it later. The guitar and bass work well together, and this song is yet another favorite track. 10/10
Favorite lyric: "Everyone has so much to say, they talk talk talk their lives away"

Torture Me: I swear the beginning bass part sound like it's from FF7. This song gets rocking almost from the start and the slows down a little bit later. There's a nifty horn bit in there. It's definitely worth listening to. 9.5/10
Favorite lyric: -

Strip My Mind: Nice bass and vocals, but there's better songs on the album. Some of the guitar sounds like it's from Megaman X. 8.5/10
Favorite lyric: -

Especially in Michigan: Some cool guitar and bass on this one, it's got a nice rock beat. I like it, and there's a mellow part later on in the song. GO BACK TO MICHIGAN! 9.5/10
Favorite lyric: "Wrap me in your cinnamon"

Warlocks: More old-timey funk-timey. Some crazy bass and awesome guitar in this one. 8.5/10
Favorite lyric: -

C'mon Girl: Ahh, yes! With fantastic bass and beautfiul guitar, this song is amazing. I really love this one, another favorite track! 10/10
Favorite lyric: "The spirit of a dragon's tear is lovely at this time of year"

Wet Sand: Slowing things down a bit, this mellower track is excellent and sounds just fantastic. It's pretty long, but it's good. 9/10
Favorite lyric: "I'm consecrated, but I'm not devout"

Hey: This one doesnt do much for me, but it's OK, I suppose. 8/10


Desecration Smile: a very melodious, western-sounding song. It kinda sounds like you'd find it on TRIGUN or something. I love the guitar and vocals in this one. 9/10
Favorite lyric: "Disintergrated by the rising sun"

Tell Me Baby: This is yet another favorite, with great guitar and really cool vocals. It's kind weird, but I love it. Definitely one of the best songs on the set. 10/10
Favorite lyric: "Tell me lover, are you lonely?"

Hard to Concetrate: Another mellow song, the bass and guitar once again working together to make it sound great. 8.5/10
Favorite lyric: -

21st Century: This song has caught a delicious amount of bass! And the lyrics aren't bad either! Wow, this one is outstanding. I love it! 10/10
Favorite lyric: "Read me a scripture and I will twist it"

She Looks to Me: This one's alright, I guess. The guitar at least is pretty solid. 8.5/10
Favorite lyric: "Who's gonna take you home and hold you when things aren't so bright?"

Readymade: Another songs that reminds me of TRIGUN. It's got a more delicious rock flavor to it. Kind of odd, though. I don't like it yet. 8/10
Favorite lyric: -

If: A very realxing song. I don't recommend listening while driving at night, you'll probably fall asleep. 8.5/10
Favorite lyric: zzzz

Make You Feel Better: A nice beat, sweet guitars, wonderful drums and bass, mixed well and formed into this great song. A masterpiece on the album! 10/10
Favorite lyrics: "Love is your only friend, and we are the ones that will make you feel better"

Animal Bar: A mellow song, but doesn't do much for me, yet. 8/10
Favorite lyric: "Never 21 when everyone's a sailor"

So Much I: Gets things rocking again, makes you wanna get up and dance. Great bass and guitar. 9.5/10
Favorite lyric: "So much I wish I could, so many wish I would"

Storm In a Teacup: This song is definitely old-school, but it's strange, yet lovable. A great track, but you may or may not dig it. 9.5/10
Favorite lyric: "You try to be a lady, but you're walkin like a sauerkraut!"

We Believe: Slowing things down, this one starts out OK, but gets better later. 8.5/10
Favorite lyric: "The risk, is it worth it? The disc, is it perfect?"

Turn It Again: Not quite sure of this one, it's a bit strange. 8/10
Favorite lyric: -

Death of a Martian: The first half is pretty good, with guitar and bass working well together yet again, but the second half with the guitar and the vocals is really amazing. This song is incredible. 10/10
Favorite lyric: "Down and out but not in Vegas, disembark and disengage us"

A very solid album, and like I said before, you should definitely buy it, as there's bound to be SOMETHING on here that you will like. If you already like RHCP, the you've probably already got this album. I hope you found this review to be useful :yes: