Just about everyone in the world must have seen the original movie by now, i have, and i must say i enjoyed it greatly- being much more enjoyable than i had imagined it would be, especially Johnny Depps Rock n Roll pirate Jack Sparrow. So it was with a sense of trepidation that i went to the sequel, expecting a usual hollywood rehash of an established formula that loses the magic that made the first film so fun.

Well i have to say i was made to eat my words, this film is possibly even more enjoyable than the first! Sparrow has a bigger role, allowing the movie to really become Depps playground, which he does with aplomb- consequently Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley have smaller, supporting roles which they both pull off well, leaving the audience with less time having to sit through their insipid romance. In fact the film introduces some potential speed bumps in their character arc that i expect to see taken further in POTC3.

Bill Nighy provides the baddy this time around, playing Davy Jones, more old man of the sea than Geoffrey Rushes Ghost Pirate Le Chuck, and he and his fishy crew are able adverseries for our heroes.

The only critiscism i have is that this film is unneccesarily long. Its a hollywood summer blockbuster not a potential oscar winner, and at 2 and a half hours long does turn into a bit of a marathon where it deserves to be more of a sprint. But with fairness to the script it does move along at a fair enough pace that its only in the last portion of the film that the length starts to become a chore.

So without giving away and of the story (which isnt too dissimilar from the first film) i'll end by commenting on how this film has more swash and more buckle than the first outing, and if you liked that film youll love this one- im already looking forward to the third of the trilogy (which sees the return of the dread pirate Barbarossa!) its like a movie version of The Monkey Island computer games, which is no bad thing. Love live Jack Sparrow and well done Disney!