Lessons learned from Star Trek:

1. Mankind has "evolved" since the 21st century. Despite this Mankind looks the same, acts the same, has the same beliefs and social norms.

2. There is no money yet people still gamble and somehow manage to trade among different civilizations. There are bars that seem to simply give alcohol away.

3. All aliens are humanoid, viral or bacterial.

4. Data has no organic parts yet somehow manages to get drunk. Data you PWN!

5. Tribbles are cool.

6. Even though a few Human characters espouse acceptance and understanding they're still all ethnocentrics who can't stand other people's cultures. Why else would all of the surviving Native Americans decide to up and move to another planet- and then gladly accept alien sovereignty?

7. Nothing from one Star Trek series applies to any of the other series unless it's convenient for it to be so.

8. Female Borg are sexual deviants, sexually attractive and in general sexual beings. (I'm not exactly complaining.)

9. Kirk is a Plebe.

10. In the far distant future there is at last somebody besides me with a taste for tea: Earl Gray, hot!