Hey all,

I recently decided to defect from physical media into the realm of digital painting. After some research, I decided to go with the old favourite, Photoshop.
I knew I would need a graphics tablet, so I started looking round. I had done some work experience at an animation studio, working with the art director. He uses a A3 Wacom tablet, and almost everyone recomends Wacoms. However, a decent Wacom tablet is way out of most amateur digital artist's price range. An A4 size one will set you back a couple of hundred hard earned quids.
The smaller Wacoms from the Graphire or Intuos range are more affordable, but I tend to like working on a large area using expressive brush strokes. I wanted an A4 size tablet, anything smaller felt unnattural.

Enter Amazon.co.uk! After a quick search I came up with what looked like a very well priced large tablet, with almost straight 5* reviews. The Trust TB-4200 looked good!
Amazon sells it for £56.06, and you won't find much better than that. So the order is placed and I jibber with excitement for the next two days waiting for my new toy.

You can see it here

The package came on time and quickly (as per usual, gotta love amazon) and the installation was quick and simple. Its also very easy to navigate and customize the tablet's settings.
So into photoshop I went, and tried my hand at painting. Working from a sketch made with the pencil tool, then layering color and detail on top of that. The tablet felt very natural, and I was comfortable with it in no time. The pressure sensitivity is very good, but your arm can get tired if you don't increase the sensitivity in the tablet's menu. Also, the work area flips up so you can but a sketch or photo underneath it and copy it, very handy!

I am by no means an accopmplished digital artist. But because of the quality and size of the tablet, sketching and painting felt entirely natural and barley removed from physical media. So if you're looking to try your hand at digital art, and want a large and inexpensive graphics tablet, this is the one for you!


Very affordable
Can stand up to a Wacom IMO
Easy to install
Large work area


Feels a bit plasticy
Pen has a weird balance, but you get used to it

All in all this is a fantastic entry level budget tablet, and I doubt I will need to upgrade any time soon! I hope this helps anyone looking to start out in the digital art world.