For those of you who have a college degree, or like me and are seniors, you are family with the gradual metamorphasis of unwashed, free spirited college student into the beaten down slave of the corporate system under the Man (see adulthood). In many instances this is referred as "job hunting."

I got my job searched started a little differently from most people. I'm an environmental engineering undergrad, and every year or two Duke engineering invites in a board of advisors to assess each department on curriculum, student performance, etc. Undergrads are invited to a special meeting where we give them our feedback (vengence for many sleepless hours spent slaving away at problem sets and computer coding). So me and a couple of buddies in the department went in and basically talked our heads off for an hour about what was right and wrong (mostly wrong) with our department and got free cookies

When the department said "board of advisors" my thought was academics and maybe a couple of mid-level consultants from universities in the region. Turns out these advisors were the CEO's, presidents, and vice-presidents for the major environmental engineering firms in area, which I discovered when they eagerly handed me their business cards and told me to contact them. Since then I've gotten several interviews lined up, and it looks like the first impression I made has given me a lot of extra leverage with the interviewers. (If you've ever been trying to find high level jobs, this type of leverage is a huge bonus in an interview.)

So what did I learn from all this, apparently if you tell a bunch of high level executives how poor a job your University did of educating you, your chances of getting hired go up! :yes:


(Also, making connections is a very sweet thing to do, start early.)