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    Member little_red's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
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    4 (x1)

    What would you stats be???

    I wasn't entirely sure where to put this but its generally about the hobby so you know i guessed i should put it here.
    Basically if you were in the world of fantasy or 40k whichever takes your fancy really, what would your stats be? What would you be equipped with? and What, if any, special rules would you have?

    Remember its just a bit of fun ill post mine to start.

    Little_Red (Fantasy Character)
    Movement 4 - little legs dont carry you far
    Weapon Skill 3 - i can swing a tennis racket lol or a stick never really tried anything else
    Ballistic Skill 4 - im fairly good at archery and laser quest :shifty:
    Strength 3 - im not paticularly strong or tall im a bit of a runt so there you go
    Toughness 3 - no different to above really
    Wounds 3 - i just dont go away lol i am that annoying
    Initiative 5 - i can be very quick witted and i'm not stupid either
    Attacks 3 - hey you can swing around your arms plenty of times in a few seconds
    Leadership 7 - i aint to brave lol ill stick around for a bit but after that im off and i go flippin fast as well:shifty:

    Equipment - Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour (im too soft lol), Shield, Basketball of Dooky Doom, Red's very loud iPod, Plethora of Trainers, Red's Awful Dice

    Special Rules

    Red's Awful Dice
    Red suffers from terrible dice rolls and can never roll any higher than a 4 if he does he probably has to re roll it for some reason so you must check your army list to find out why. If Red ever touches your dice you also fall foul to this most horrible rule. Thats just the way it goes lol

    Basketball of Dooky Doom
    Once per game Red is likely to roll his basketball accross the table. It will probably hit his units because he is an unlucky sod. Every unit it hits inevitably gets squashed and dies it carries on going until something pops it or it rolls off the table. If it pops Red has to pass a leaderhsip on insane courage or he immediately packs up and runs of crying:cry: :shifty:

    Red's Very Loud iPod
    Red's iPod is never turned off ansd is always stupidly loud. If any unit should move near him they must take a leadership test or suffer 2D6 Strength 4 hits due to there ear drums blowing to bits inside their heads

    Plethora of Trainers
    Red owns to many trainers they are likely to be scattered around the table. They count as special objectives. For every pair of trainers red collect he may move an extra inch. He may sacrifice this inch to throw the hardest pair of trainers he has at the nearest enemy unit. The trainers do very little except inconvenience the unit, but Red had fun throwing them anyway. If the enemy gathers a pair of Red's trainers he loses all common sense and will spend the remainder of the gamechasing and playing piggy in the middle with the unit who captured his trainers who are now throwing them over his head, making him feel very small indeed . The only up side is for Red that your unit is doing very little now and his army may actually be able to do something mildly useful.

    Anyway thats mine please add to it, ita bit of fun and you kind of get know people better as well. Thanks

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    Son of LO Pierced53's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Hertfordshire, UK
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    222 (x7)

    Pierced53 (Fantasy Character)

    M - 4 (Not slow, not fast)
    WS - 4 (Can wield a blade pretty well)
    BS - 3 (Average at paintball)
    S - 3 (Not particularly strong)
    T - 3 (Same as above)
    W - 1 (Same as above)
    I - 4 (Not amazing reactions)
    A - 2 (MUHAHAHA!)
    Ld - 7 (Average)


    Great topic! :lol:

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    Senior Member _Toast_'s Avatar
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    Apr 2006
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    66 (x2)

    What the hell, this looks fun

    _Toast_ (fantasy character)
    Movement 5 - Im not on a track team for nothing.....
    Weapon Skill 4 - i can hold my own in a fight
    Ballistic Skill 5 - I have a good shot, even better with sniper rifles.....
    Strength 3 - Well, im not not very strong...
    Toughness 4 - i am quite resiliant in taking a beating (lacrosse, Hockey, DownHill Biking)
    Wounds 3 - I have had some nasty falls before, and was able to walk away from it....
    Initiative 6 - I am quick nimble fighter, not a walking juggernought...
    Attacks 3 - I can throw a puch pretty fast
    Leadership 9 - I usually become the Captain at anything....i dont know why. I guess i hate dealing with incompetence from people above me.
    Equipment - Hand Weapon, Light Armor, Helm of the skull, Bike of teh awesome, talisman of protection 4+, and a musket (thats what old people shot back then right?)

    Special Rules
    Helm of the skull
    This is toast's magical helmet. It grants a 6+ armor save, and Because the Helmet is made by troy lee desgins, Toast has the ability to look totally awesome at the same time. This grants the wearer a +1 to leadership value to account for the coolness factor.

    Bike of Teh awesome
    This is Toasts magical Kona Stinky with new 66rc2x forks. This grants the rider a movement distance of 8. Also because it is meant for free riding, any terrain piece except water counts as being a flat surface and no movement penalties can occur to the rider.

    Unparalleled Lazyness
    Toast happens to be incredably lazy, and unless he can pass a leadership test at the begining of each turn, he can only move half of is regular movement distance. There is a leadership penalty, of -3 if he moved more than 4 inches the previous turn
    "This sure ain't no pansy Eldar Armor, Son"
    185th Cadian Armored Div.

    "One Shot, One Kill"
    Western Border Patrol of Athel Loren

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    LO Zealot
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    Oct 2004
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    41 (x3)

    Lurch - fantasy character

    Movement: 4 (I don't move too quickly)
    Weapon skill: 4 (I have had some training in martial arts but am no ninja)
    Ballistic skill: 4 (Am no slouch with projectile weapons)
    Strength: 4 (I am 6'8 and 300lbs, just inherently big and strong I guess)
    Toughness: 4 (years of playing paintball has given me a high pain threshold)
    Wounds: 2 (otherwise I would have been dead years ago)
    Initiative: 3 (reasonable reactions)
    Attacks: 2 (but boy are the going to hurt if I hit you )
    Leadership: 9 (kinda brave in a "too stupid to know better way")

    Special rules:

    Stubborn - will stick around in a fight for far longer than necessary even if it may be prudent to withdraw
    Loner - can not use anyone elses leadership as hates being bossed about.
    Regenerate - I just seem to heal quickly

    Magic items:

    Magic sword of gribbling bad things - all attacks made with this sword have killing blow and give a +2 strength bonus.
    Oakleys of coolness - no discernible effect, just look cool.
    Bag full of pointy things - magically produces pointy things to throw at your enemy
    Helper monkey, bring me beer and donuts

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    Son of LO Silver Wings's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
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    99 (x5)

    I love fun!

    Movement: 4 - Becomes 6 if feels threatened, Wings can ride in a car for +xxx£'s. Counting as an additional Rare choice.
    Weapon Skill: 2 - Becomes 4 if stabbing in the back at which he has experiance.
    Balistic Skill: 3 - Some experiance throwing stones at smaller people.
    Strength: 2 - I'm a weed.
    Toughness: 3 - Weak to blows, but has no discernable nerves to crush.
    Wounds: 1 - Only human after all.
    Initiative: 5 - Only person who will make a choice on where to sit in lectures without mass debate/indecisiveness.
    Attacks: 1 - Average
    Leadership: 8 - I'm the leader apparently, better at decisions than bravery.

    Various Bits of Geological Gubbins.

    This plethora of useful devices grants Wings +5 T from attacks from above (Stonethrowers etc) from his Hardhat of Hardiness. And,

    A Penknife of Death granting:
    +1 attack when used as a blade
    +1 to wound when used as a corkscrew
    +1 to beer can opening when used as a can opener.

    A Compass-useless.
    A hand lens-also useless.

    Special Rule: Coward fighting.

    Wings disdains actual fighting, before combat he will automaticaly use the magical power 'Summon Ninjas' cast with irrestitible force (and £2000). D3 of these Ninjas may be deployed anywhere (ninjas) and have all stats 10 (ninjas) and will kill you with contempt (ninjas).
    Every time you read this sig: a fairie dies!

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    searching for sheep silentdeathz's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Aberdeen, Scotland
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    36 (x2)

    SilentDeathz (Fantasy Character)
    Movement 6 - I walk too fast
    Weapon Skill 5 - Archery,target shooting and I did boxing.
    Ballistic Skill 4 - Archery,laser tag and ofc shooting.
    Strength4 - Im still quite young so...
    Toughness 4-5 - Mountain Biking, Ice hockey and boxing, plus I used to fight alot :sleep:
    Wounds 2 - Used to skate, so u get injuries there and whatnot..
    Initiative 5 - Quick reactions, quick thinking
    Attacks 4 - Boxing
    Leadership 7 - Dno, I just believe strongly in things I suppose. I'm also strong willed

    Lol well,

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    Senior Member micah's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    panama city, fl
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    10 (x1)

    movement - 4, 6 if frenzied ;D
    ws - 5, jiu jitsu/sambo/muay thai training
    bs - 5, rifle team in highschool, hunter training courses, etc. ive shot marksmen with 4 dif guns.
    s - 4, 5 if frenzied, id say barely above the average for my size, but good muscle control due to martial arts training
    t - 4, 5 if frenzied, unusually high pain tolerance. when adrenaline is flowing pain doesnt exist
    w - 3, ive cheated death twice or id be a 5
    i - 5, 1 if frenzied years of strategy/video games and martial arts are good for something. pretty strategic with pretty quick reflexes if i need to be
    a - 3, quality over quantity
    ld - 10, im a stubborn bastard and not much scares me
    save - 5+ invlunerable, agility/dexterity, armor slows you down

    special rules
    fearless, sometimes its a bad thing

    feel no pain, have continued working/fighting under some pretty harsh injuries

    frenzy, on a roll of 6 i lose my head. boost to movement, str, and t, but hit last due to not thinking clearly and planning out attacks. last for 1 turn as i regain composure fairly quickly

    grapple, on 6's to hit i can attempt to take down my opponent by beating there str on a d6 (6 always wins). once grappled if i beat there t on a d6 (6 always wins) then they suffer 1 w per round they spend grappled due to submissions. (jiu jitsu / sambo ftw)

    combo punch, if i roll a 6 to wound it grants me another attack due to exploiting my opponents weakness and temporary pain due to a succesful wound. (muay thai)

    im no carnifex for sure, but ive had training that puts me above the average imperial guardsmen
    leave the moderating to the moderators

    if pro is the opposite of con, does that mean progress is the opposite of congress?

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    Son of LO darkreever's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    NJ, U.S.
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    186 (x8)

    darkreever (fantast character)

    Movement 5/4/3 -I used to do track, soccer, and lacross as interests so I definately don't start a fight slow. (See below for second and third movements)

    Weapon skill 5 - I get in a fight every weekend for the last two years, I know how to down people as fast as possible if I have to.

    Ballistic skill 2 - I'm blind as a bat without my glasses and I'm no better with them; not to mention being colourblind and having problems with depth perception..

    Strength 4 - I used to play lacross and I've been fighting for two years straight to the point where I've downed college footbal players in one hit; thats gotta mean something...

    Toughness 4 - I've fallen off houses, been hit by cars, broken bones and got up like nothing happened (until I black out of course.)

    Wounds 3 - Been hit by two cars going faster than thirty, was thown off my bike down a rocky hill, and I've fallen off the second floor of my house and I ain't dead yet.

    Initiative 4 - I'm a thinker and a fighter but I'm not the fastest one in the world.

    Attacks 2 (4 if I get really mad) - Hey, I've got two fists don't I? (Forget the legs, they are more screwed up than my arms.)

    Leadership: 8 - I am by no means a leader, but I do know a person or two that listens to me because I seem to know what I'm doing/talking about.

    Special rules:
    Movement - My movement starts out at 5 and goes down by 1 for every wound I take; additionally if its cold out than my movement begins at 3 but will not go down. A nice piece of wood went through my leg a few months ago and it does hurt a lot in the cold!

    Mad: There are few ways of making me mad, but one of them is damaging whatever jacket I'm wearing. They aren't valuable but all the ones I have right now are gifts so they have sentimental value.

    Take my love, take my land, take me to where I cannot stand; I don't care I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me.

    "The difference between gods and daemons largely depends upon where one is standing at the time."- Lorgar
    Member of the Fluff Masters Clan

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    Son of LO
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    Jan 2006
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    523 (x8)



    Special rules:

    Guitar of Stonehambey - Stonehambey counts as a musician when in a unit, with the following exceptions. When attempting to rally he gives the unit +2 to its leadership. In addition, when Stonehambey is involved in a drawn combat the unit he is with wins the combat by 2, regardless of whether the opposing unit has a musician or not.

    Beer of Stonehambey - At the beginning of any players turn, but only once per game, you can elect to get stonehambey drunk. At this point Stonehambey becomes Stonehambeer and uses the following profile


    M- Special

    Special Rules:

    Random movement: Due to being insanely drunk, Stonehambeer moves 2D6 in a random direction, and can not join a unit. If Stonehambey gets drunk whilst in a unit, the unit pushes him out 2D6 (in a direction of the players choice)

    Pass out: At the end of each owning player's turn, if Stonehambeer was involved in a combat and is still alive, then remove him from play. This is because he has passed out due to being drunk and can take no further part in the battle. The opponent will gain no victory points for Stonehabeer however, as the damage was self inflicted.

    Inhuman Strength: Like all good drunks, Stonehambeer can shrug off wounds and ignore pain which would usually stop a sober man. Stonehambeer has a 5+ ward



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    Member Demonica's Avatar
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    -39 (x0)

    Demonica; Fantasy character

    M6 - I'm fast at times, but read below for more
    WS4 - Quite good woth my fists...
    BS2 - Rubbish aim
    S4 - I aint strong, but I aint weak
    T4 - Same as above
    W2 - I can take punishment, but not too much
    I3 - Boy am I dopey
    A1 - Id be too lazy too attack once more
    LD9(5) - Rules below

    Special Rules:

    Movement - Demonica moves at 6 in the first 3 turns, but after that turn he gets tired and is reduced to M3

    Leadership - Demonica is very competitve, roll a D6. On a 4+ Demonica forces his way to supremity (?); if not he becomes Stubborn and becomes fussy and hence leadrership is reduced to 5 and he may not join other units; if he is joined with a unit he breaks off.

    Teh Uber Beer Servers - Often in the midst of battle, Demonica is thirsty for beer. He keeps two of Teh Uber Beer Servers by him all the time, one beer gives him +1 strength and -1 inititave (permanently), maximum of 2 beers per battle.

    Bag'O'Weed - Demonica always carries a bag of weed with him. He may use it once per battle. If so all stats become +3 and is. Effects are not permanent, this lasts for 3 turns only. After 3 turns roll a D6, on a 4+ he passes out and dies.

    Girls... - Demonica likes girls. If any female is on the board he cannot attack her, unless they attack him.

    NOTE:: If all 3 effects are taken all at once, Demonica is subject UBERNESS OF THE GODS. This allows his stats to be at 10, he is allowed go anywhere on the board instanly and can engage in combat as soon as he teleports to an enemy. After this subject to uberness, Demonica dies.

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