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Thread: The Tao of Ebay

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    The Tao of Ebay

    Today I have stumbled upon a great knowledge. In the mystery of the internet there is Ebay, the giver of things.

    But Ebay is a fickle beast, the things we want most it keeps at bay, always out-bid, always over-priced. Such were my many experiences with the creature known as Ebay. I would buy, I would sell, I would struggle in vain for things unreachable by my wallet.

    But today that changed, today Ebay stopped teasing me, and simply gave in to my whims.

    Either, 1. Forgeworld models are becoming cheaper, or 2. people weren't paying attention. I got a full FW Nurgle Dred with arms for $45, unpainted, unassembled.

    Now, I'm merely posting that I'm shocked I got something so cheap. But I've seen this occur before, you see I wasn't watching the item, I was merely testing the waters. I thought "Will it go for X dollars? eh, lets find out.". Because things aren't supposed to be that cheap.

    I left, I came back, I'd won.

    This happened once with a lot of some Armorcast stuff that I got for 5 bucks, it included an Eldar superheavy tank. It also happened with a lot of Jungle trees (old style), the seller said there would be 50 sprues of foliage and 25 sprues of trunks/branches, I won it for 8 bucks, he wasn't happy about that, but he gave in.

    But, this is not my real point.

    Fellow members, I wish to hear of your luck on Ebay. I summon you all to share your tales of the.......Tao of Ebay.

    Give pointers/advice for noobs looking for a deal. Tell the tales of your luckiest purchases. Share your vast knowledge, of the beast we call Ebay.

    A pointer I always give out: try to find the older boxed game of 40k (3rd edition), I've won 4 of them, I never spent more than $30 on each (including shipping). That's $30 for 10 marines, 1 landspeeder, terrain and trees, 20 Dark Eldar And a full sized version of the 3rd edition Rule book. (which I really enjoy browsing through, the terrain in there is inspiring). The pics on the box were misleading, people always assume it comes with static pose marines, it didn't. And every once in a while you'll see the version that came with a free commander, but was identical to the regular version. A good deal if you can find it.

    :ninja: - it's a link, you click it.
    "The world will be a better place when the world's resources are used for Giant Robots."

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    Ok, im an ebay veteran! First rule is always check postage! Ive been stung twice by cheap items with a £20 postage fee!
    Second, Never trust the pictures unless they are clear. Those pro painted eldar that look really good but a little blurred might just be somthing your 4yr old sister could paint!
    Third, if its cheap and you can afford it, bid, you never know, you could win! And always bid with a daft figure on the end. Like £1.83. You never know, someone might bid £1.80, see they've been outbid and just give up, not knowing they were just 3p away from winning!
    Fourth, if you can, wait untill the last 10 seconds before bidding, and bid the highest amount your willing to spend. Bidding with a few days to go only invites others to beat you, and others to beat them, thus driving up the price.
    Finally, dont search for the model you want, try searching more vauge listings. That 99p auction with a title of war models might just be a 2000pt choas army, but no ones bothered to view it as its so vauge!

    Hope that helps! Oh, and anyone using these tactics to outbid me will get a venom cannon up there... [is dragged off by caluin]

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