Fellow LO members and geeks alike. A call to arms has been sounded for all computer programmers out there, and that means it is your duty to respond! Well...... not really, lately I have renewed my burning passion for computer programming and thought it would be fun to make a somewhat open ended warhammer/warhammer40k game. For the past week ive been chalking out plans on how to accomplish this but hit a few road bumps on the way. I'm looking for some experienced programmers out there who are good at math, and are interested in a program like this. The game will be written in VB.Net (yeah yeah i know) and using the fallowing libraries.


I really cant get into details as or right now because well... theres way to much info to cover in one post. If people don't flame me out, when I get back to college I can post a more detailed agenda on my website for all to see. My hopes are to get a open project going and produce something fun for everyone to play.