A zoo keeper, on his first day on the job, is cleaning out the gorilla cage when he discovers that the gorilla is dead! He immediately tell his boss and asks him what to do. His boss tells him 'The zoo will be opening in less then an hour, so you'd better go down to the fancy dress shop and get a gorilla costume'
'DO WHAT? the man says disbelievingly.
'You heard me' says the boss.
So the man goes off to the fancy dress shop and buys a gorilla costume.
Later that day he's dressed in the gorilla costume and sitting in the cage while a large group of kids are looking at him. He decides to try swinging on the tier swing.
'Swing higher, swing higher!!!' the kids shout, so he starts swinging even higher.
'Higher, higher! the kids shout until he swings so high that he goes flying out of his own cage and into the lion's cage! After getting his bearings and seeing where he is, he goes running up to the bars shouting
'Help! Help! get me out of here!'
Then the lion shouts 'Shut up stupid or you'll get us both fired!'