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    need help with homework

    i have a homework that i have to complete and reqiures taking survey of people.

    here's the onlin version of it Questionnaire--Person's psychological state and it's effect on people. (Generated by rformSurvey)

    and typed version below if you prefer to pm it to me.

    This survey is confidential and will only be seen by my teacher and me. You do not have to indicate your name. The purpose of this survey is to see if a personís mental state or process will affect a personís health, recovery rate from an injury or disease.

    Gender: Male Female

    1. Has your doctor recommended that you think positively to help you recover more quickly?
    a) Yes, and Iím doing it.
    b) Yes, but Iím not doing it.
    c) No, but Iím doing it.
    d) No, and Iím not doing it.

    2. Has thinking negatively hurt you?
    a) Yes, definitely.
    b) No, I donít think so.
    c) Iím not really sure.
    d) I really donít care.

    3. Has the doctor made any comments concerning your health after you changed how you thought?
    a) My health is improving drastically.
    b) My health is improving normally.
    c) My health is not improving.
    d) Not applicable.

    4. Has the doctor recommended that you have psychotherapy concerning physical sickness or injury?
    a) Yes
    b) No

    5. When you were injured or sick, did anyone pray for you?
    a) Yes, they prayed with me.
    b) Yes, they prayed among themselves without telling me for a while.
    c) No, my family and I are not religious.

    6. Do you believe that prayer can help a personís healing?
    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) Not sure
    d) Not applicable

    7. Do you feel that prayer is helping you?
    a) Yes, my God is with me.
    b) No.
    c) Not applicable because Iím not religious.
    d) Not applicable because no one is praying for me.

    8. Have you seen changes in a person because of positive or negative thinking?
    a) Yes
    b) No

    9. An experiment was conducted to see if mental thinking could affect a personís physical condition that required an operation. People were divided into two groups and one group received a real operation while the other group received a fake one. What do you think about it?
    a) Iíve seen it myself and it really works.
    b) Iíve seen it, but I donít believe it.
    c) Itís a hoax, a lie.
    d) I was unaware of such events.

    10. Can a disease be self-contracted through psychosomatic illness, or just by the way person thinks negatively about their health?
    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) Disease can only come from an outside source not from oneself.

    11. People can will themselves to live for a little extended amount of time to endure through an event. If you could do that, what event would that be for you personally?
    a) A family marriage
    b) A personís birthday
    c) National/ traditional holiday
    d) Other:

    12. What do you think will have the most positive effect on cancer survival?
    a) Living a normal life
    b) Psychotherapy
    c) Group therapy
    d) Relaxation
    e) Other:

    13. Referring back to question 9, about how mental thinking can affect a personís physical condition and regarding the two groups who received two different types of operations, do you think that fake medicine will also work?
    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) The stories are made up
    e) Maybe

    14. Many people and religions believe that peoplesí minds and bodies are connected. What do you think?
    a) Body and mind are one.
    b) Body and mind are separate.
    c) Not sure.

    15. Some say that where you get a disease is very metaphoric because it sometimes indicates something that you really need. (Ie. Breast cancer for a woman may indicate that she needs nurturing or needs to nurture.) Do you believe that this provides some fact?
    a) Itís just a coincidence.
    b) Yes.
    c) Not sure.
    16. Which of the following do you think affects the immune system the most?
    a) Illness
    b) Emotion
    c) Current health
    d) Other:

    17. How do different types of relationships or a sense of belonging affect a personís health?
    i) a) You belong in a group and feel accepted.
    b) You belong in a group but donít feel accepted.
    c) You donít feel like you belong to any group nor accepted.
    d) You donít think relationships or being part of a group affects a personís health.
    ii) For the first three options in question 17 I, how will that type of social relationship affect a personsí health? Circle from the choices below.
    a) positively negatively not sure
    b) positively negatively not sure
    c) positively negatively not sure

    18. There are various types art that can influence a personís emotional and physiological behaviours when drawing or seeing. Why do you think art has such an affect a person?

    19. If you answered yes to question 8 regarding seeing changes in a person because of positive or negative thinking, what changes were observed in that personís life or injury/ recovery and why do you think that is? If you answered No to question 8, proceed to the next question.

    20. Referring back to question 11, about how some people temporarily extend their lives because they are waiting for a certain event, explain why that event is so significant for you. Why do you think people are able to do that?

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