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    scotland and independance mk2

    a while back i posted a thread regarding the opinions of Scottish independence. well today (may 3rd) is the election day and I’ve decided to post some stuff regarding the situation (just for something interesting).

    ill not be posting anything of my own opinions here. but a couple of video clips and links with recent political debates and political broadcasts between the SNP and the Labour Party. everyone can decide for themselves.

    firstly : SNP tv. interviews with Basher Amad and the legendary Jimmy Reid, hero of the clyde shipyards and former labour supporter.

    Second: a Labour pre election advertisement

    (watch the clip)

    Alex Salmond & Jack McConnell in political debate

    watch the facts, make you own mind, and post opinions.

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    Strange that I havent heard of this particular idea on any political parties aims:

    1) To make Haggis hunting the scottish national sport.

    1.1) All people of all ages must participate at least once every year, with people in highly populated haggis areas being required to hunt at least no less than once every six weeks.

    1.2) Upon catching a haggis, the hunter must yell a typically scottish phrase or idiom. "YOU MAY TAKE OUR LIVES BUT YOULL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM" is the officially sanctioned phrase by the scottish national parliament.

    1.3) When eating haggis, you must include everything of the haggis animal. Meat, innards, its trousers, shoes, wallet and shirt. Nothing must be wasted, or you will be branded "Geordie!"
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    Haha, funny stuff Phobos.

    To be honest, I couldn't make it through the first video. I got up to where that guy was like "More police.... so..... so we can be safe!"

    What was pretty cool was that the scene where Salmond was getting out of the helicopter, he was IN MY UNI'S BACKYARD! In fact, I remember seeing that helicopter flying overhead and thinking, "Damn, the Thoughtpolice!"

    As for the actual issue of the Scottish elections... I'm holding my breath. There's so much at stake here... Independence, Democracy, Freedom, Wallace, the Empire, Darth Vader...

    I'm from the USA, and I can tell you that we would *never* let such democratic ideas of independence get this far, not since the Civil War (which immediately followed the last time an independence referendum was passed in our country...) Now, politicians who want to separate from the Union are just quietly disposed of, and forgotten. Most Americans don't even remember the whole concept of the States being independent, and free to choose whether they want to be in the union or not.

    It's funny that it's working in reverse in the UK - at first, the union was forced, but now it's becoming more free. It makes me feel a lot more optimistic about the future of humanity and all that. Maybe we'll be able to avoid the Grim Darkness of the Uber-Empire after all!
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