So I am in a fairly dark mood today and I thought that I might vent off some steam here.

Today my application for a work permit, that would allow me to work here in the United states, was denied. I am really quite livid at the USCIS at the moment because basically they asked me to drop my pants and bend over in front of them.

I married my american wife in late december of last year and moved over here to Philadelphia. I arrived on a special Visa called a Fiance' visa, that basically allows you to come to the states, get married, then become a permanent resident. The problem is that you have to wait for your permanent resident status to be approved and that can take up to a year. So they (they being US customs and Imigration) told me that I need to apply for a work permit in order to work, make money and generally do anything other than just bum around at home.

Today my application was denied. On the letter they sent me it said that it was denied because my visa only lets me stay in the country for 90 days and that I am outside of that 90 day period. Of course, I am allowed to stay in the country until they make a decision on my permanent residence status (which as I said, could take a year). The other thing I should mention is that it has taken a long bloody time for them to do anything with this application, I applied as soon as I entered the country and only now are they getting around to it. Meaning that in no possible way was I going to be "inside" the time of my Visa.
The kicker of course is that I had to pay almost 200 dollars for the application in the first place, and the letter says that there is absolutely no appeals possible for my case, though if I want to I can re-apply, paying the 200 dollar fee all over again.

This whole process is just really giving me the .......'s and I just wish it was all over. The real problem now starts that my wife and I are living off just her salary alone and things are getting a little on the tight side.

Okay, now that I have that off my chest I think I am feeling a little better. If you ever try to marry someone from another country, be prepared for a stack of paper work and a long waiting period.