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    28 Weeks Later (Caution Rant)

    I just saw the movie and I gotta say, as much as I liked the way they did it, I got alot of problems with their plot points.

    1. I loved how their are dozens upon dozens of soldiers in the beginning guarding pretty much nothing (sarcasm), but all of them are suspiciosly absent from the main gate where there are only two dumbasses who aren't paying attention and the one infected person left in the whole city is completely unguarded.

    2. What a great idea, let's lock everyone else in a room for their safety, but not lock all the entrances and not station guards anywhere near it so one person can infect a thousand.

    3. How the hell did the dad disarm the soldiers? Did the soldiers see him and think "gee a guy covered in blood running towards me, perhaps I should assist"?

    4. "They're killing everyone, this is madness", WTF, how many eagle-eyes out their could actually tell who was infected with a huge mob running around? Target discrimination with a paniced mob running at you, a few of which may have a disease, now that's madness (expecially 15-20 floors up for the snipers). But hey, trying to seperate the diseased from non-diseased worked out so well for everyone.

    5. How would the infected take out a a guy on Humvee with a .50 cal? they have to climb over the damn thing, meanwhile the gunner can simply split them in half with one shot. And while we're on the subject, where the hell did the tanks and bradley's go? I'd love to see infected claw at a 40-70 ton armored vehicle till the'yre blue in the face, the whole time the vehicle just does doughnuts over the bodies.

    6. I guess that was supposed to be napalm they dropped on the city but it sure as hell didn't act like it, and hey, it conveiniently missed the dad, what a cool coinicdence.

    7. I hate to burst the bubble of human rights activists, but the few remaining US chemical weapons are in stockpiles waiting to be destroyed and we haven't used flamers in 20+ years. I guess they rushed all that into production for this operation. Oh and a little tip if you are ever faced with chemical weapons, you can't stop them with your shirt and none of them simply make you lie down.

    8. Hey an apache is shooting a 30mm cannon at our car, but if he misses by two feet we're good. Not really, the HE rounds on that cannon have at least a 10m blast radius, the van would've been cut in half just by being on the same street.

    As much as I would like to think the general public doesn't percieve the military as inhereintly this stupid, incompetent and heartless, I've heard enough "that could really happen" arguements to make me realize otherwise. Then again I guess all zombie movies rely on event that make no sense, because obliterating the zombies with ease doesn't make for a good 2 hour flik.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastershake View Post
    I'd love to see infected claw at a 40-70 ton armored vehicle till the'yre blue in the face, the whole time the vehicle just does doughnuts over the bodies.
    I've not seen the movie, but this quote made me laugh.

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