First let me start by saying that I am writing this without the army book or list in front of me, so please forgive me for not putting down points of for any minor mistake i make that prevents the list from adding up to exactly 2000 points (such as having two tooth gnoblars instead of one)


Tyrant- HA, 2 sword gnoblars, luck gnoblar, brace of handguns, tenderiser, wyrdstone necklace, mawseeker bigname, fistful of laurels. (goes with maneaters)

Bruiser BSB- HA, 2 sword gnoblars, luck gnoblar, lookout gnoblar, Greatskull, Tali of Protection (goes with the bulls)

Butcher- one tooth gnoblar, Bloodcleaver, Dispel scroll (goes with bruiser and bulls)


6 Bulls- FC, ironfists

4 Ironguts- Bellower, Standard bearer

3 Ironguts- no upgrades

7 Gnoblar trappers- no upgrades


3 Yhetees-no upgrades

3 Leadbelchers- Bellower


2 Maneaters- both with HA and Braces of Handguns

Total Models is 31 (24 big dudes and 7 little one)

Strategy: the bulls and unit of ironguts form the center. The butcher has his bloodcleaver to give him more survivability in combat against ranked units. Then there are four units of fast flankers (3 ironguts, yhetees, maneaters/tyrant, and leadbelchers) which can be used in different combinations on the flanks to take out any enemy flankers fairly easily. The Tyrant and his maneaters can either be a godly strike force on the flanks or be used in conjunction with the bulls and ironguts for an even harder hitting center. The trappers are there to attempt to limit enemy warmachine shooting, and with the bulls unit carrying the greatskull and butcher with dispel scroll i am not too worried about magic. I realize that I am combining MSU and BFU to create sort of a hybrid, but i think it will work quite well, at least on paper. Panic checks kind of scare me but if i use terrain and speed correctly i hope to no have too many problems. I accept that luck with play a large role in my games, but in what ogres game does it not? Any tips would be appreciated, as long as you dont tell me to take gnoblar warriors (I hate them), and preferably suggest different magic item combinations. Thanks