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Thread: 1000pts ogre's

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    1000pts ogre's

    Hi all,

    Had my first game with O.K, here is the list I used;


    Bruiser w/ Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Wrydstone Necklace = 162pts
    Butcher w/ Dispell Scroll, Bloodcleaver = 180pts


    3 Bulls w/ Additional Hand Weapons, Standard Bearer = 137pts
    4 Ironguts w/ Bellower = 202pts (Bruiser and Butcher)
    8 Trappers w/ Snarfinger = 52pts


    3 Leadbelchers w/- =??? (don't think I am aloud to write this down )


    Maneater w/ Heavy Armour, Cathayan Longsword = 90pts

    Total= 998pts

    Anyway this list is mainly comprised of the stuff I had available. I was playing against on of the staff members at the local store. He used a 1000pts High elves army.

    At the end of it all I scored 160 V.P (the leadbelchers killed 10 shadow warriors8X) and he scored 1068 V.P which was every model and one standard. I failed all my charges, the big unit including the butcher and briuser lost combat and fled before being chased down by a lion chariot and to top it off the leadbelchers eventually killed themselves (two turns after killing all of the shadow warriors) curtasy of misfireing cannons.

    So anyway I am calling on all the O.K veterens out there to help me because I really need it. I was wondering what I need to add to take this list up two two tousand points and ways to beat the high elves (rematch in June, school holidays here in Oz :party

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    standards aren't a good thing on ogres (as you already noticed ). Also ; try getting more ironguts: they're the ones tha win combats.
    The bloodcleaver on the butcher isn't the best equipment - you're much better off buying him a bangstick since the effect can easily be duplicated with casting bloodgruel.
    If you're running a single maneater - get him a great weapon; it's much more effective than a cathayan longsword.
    Try running your leadbelchers in units of 2 with a bellower. You want them to flee charges to set up combats for your ironguts, and with 2 there's less of a chance for a missfire.
    The additional hand weapons on the bulls are good, but replace the standard with a bellower - bulls are a bait & flee unit: meaning they are needed to get your ironguts in the right combats or used to flank.
    For 2000 points, I would add 2 gorgers, more units of 3 ironguts, 2 more butchers and the rest varies. Depending on if you like yhetees or not, I can propose 2 different 2000 points lists that are very competitive.

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