I have a 1500 + 500(possible reinforcements) weekend coming up in a couple of weeks, and would like suggestions.
NOTE: 1 Character May Be A Lord

Lord & Heroes
-Tyrant w/ The Tenderiser, Heavy Armour, Wyrdstone Necklace, Luck Gnoblar - 281pts

-Butcher w/ Bangstick and Dispel Scroll - 180pts

-3 Ironguts w/ Standard, Bellower, LO Gnoblar - 179pts
I know that a few people use 2 Cannons in their army, so I want to keep my Tyrant safe.

-3 Ironguts w/ Bellower - 154pts

-3 Bulls w/ Bellower - 115pts

-3 Bulls w/ Bellower - 115pts

-10 Gnoblar Trappers - 60pts
I know that they supposedly work best in units of 9, but I think that one more won't hurt because I have the room.

-2 Leadbelchers - 110pts

-2 Leadbelchers - 110pts

-3 Yhetees - 195pts

The rest of my models will be my reinforcements that I can spend 'gold' to put them in my army. If you want to know what I have in the reinforcements, I have:
4 more Bulls
14 more Trappers
These don't have to be units, I can just take however many points worth I choose to spend.

I would like your thoughts and if you have any suggestions on how to play with this list.