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    Speed Freaks 3500 Ard Boys

    I will be playing in a Ard Boyz tourney and will most likely bring my OK army. I was fidling with the list and I was trying to come up with something different rather than more of my normal stuff:

    Heavy armor
    Long strider

    Siege Breaker
    Heavy Armor
    Long Strider
    Spangle Shard (I like some sort of protection so it's either this or Tailsman Of Protection)

    Hunter (Yeah that's right!)
    2 cats (Really just for protections from shooting)
    Sword of Might
    Heavy Armor



    3 x 3 bulls w/bellower
    3 x 20 Gnoblar Fighters (I actually fell in love with these guys at Da Boyz GT)
    8 Gnoblar Trappers
    3 x 3 Iron Gutz
    1 x 4 Gutz Standard/LOG

    2 x 3 Yhettis
    2 Gorgers
    3 Maneaters w/ BoH

    General Strategy: Refused flank. Maneaters deploy opposite from infantry with 2x's units of gnoblars and 2x's units of bulls. Gnoblars will move slowly forward march blocking or redirecting units silly enough to think the 40 pts is worth it. Bulls will get flank charges on these units. Maneaters will shoot at these units trying to force panic checks.

    Next to this will deploy 1 bulls, 4 units of gutz. If warmachines are a concern tyrants deploy with LOG unit. Purpose of this is to get the Tyrants and Hunter to combo charge units and cause enough damage to punch holes for IG's to get favorable turn 3 charges.

    Yehttis deploy far flank and turn to combo flank charge with IG's.

    Forgot to add that I have a couple hundred points left over that will probably go to lead belchers or a Scrappy.

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