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    2250 Hard Chargers

    Hey Guys, toying around with getting into some Ogre fun. Love the models, and figured I'd get some seat time in before they get a new book and become the new FotM.

    So, here's the list:

    Tyrant (General) 306
    - Heavy Armor
    - Tenderiser
    - Wallcrusher
    - Bullgut

    Bruiser 219
    - Heavy Armor
    - BSB
    - Dragonhide Banner

    Butcher 180
    - 2x Dispel Scrolls

    Butcher 180
    - Siege Breaker
    - Skull Mantle

    3x Ogre Bulls 136
    - Light Armor
    - 2nd Weapon
    - Musician

    7x Ironguts 411
    - Champion
    - Standard
    - Musician
    - Look-out Gnoblar
    - Bull Standard

    3x Ironguts
    - Musician

    3x Ironguts
    - Musician

    3x Ironguts
    - Musician

    20x Gnoblars

    Scraplauncha 165

    Gorger 75

    Gorger 75

    The 7 Ironguts, Butcher, Bruiser, and Tyrant would form a 4-file 2+ rank unit. That way, even if they lose 2 IG's while crossing the field, they'll still be charging with 2 armor piercing S7 impact hits, 1 S7 hit, and 2 S5 hits. All of which get re-rolls. Then they are tossing out 16 attacks, all at S5 or better, and all 1's get re-rolls. Odds are, when they charge, nothing is going to be alive to attack back. And then it's a US from 24 to 33 depending on who's alive and the charge distance, of fear causing ogres. Even with out the fear, on the charge they are looking at a solid static combat rez, and a huge amount of damage. The only thing that's going to stand a chance is a stubborn unit. And even then, the Skull-mantle makes it more likely that they will pop.

    The obvious downside to this plan though, is that if they don't get the +6" charge, or even worse, if they receive a charge, they have to count on killing their way out of CR with out those huge benefits they get on the charge.

    I've been toying around with it a bit, and tried a few other line ups.

    I dropped the BSB for a 3rd butcher to get the cookbook and bang stick into the mix, but if that main unit pops, it's almost 1/2 the points I have on the boards, so I think the BSB is pretty important if they get stuck taking a charge or don't break the enemy in the first round of combat.

    Another option is to drop the 2 Gorgers and Scraplauncha for 2 more 3xIG units and a few Gnoblars to top off the points. I'm not real familiar with Gorgers though (trading for the book at tonights event), so I'm not sure how well they perform, especially with some of their special rules.



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    I think a BSB is a great idea for Ogres, especially with the war banner. I'd work it in.

    An idea I'm tinkering with is a double-deathstar unit. A second big unit of Ironguts with a couple of small units to anchor things.

    Anyhow, it's a nice list.
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