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    2250 OK, friendly

    So I was messing around with lists too play with my friends (while being friendly games I still want too attempt a win) and came up with this...its different from my normal cookie cutter MSU type lists and just wanted some opinions

    Tyrant - 267
    Brace Of Handguns
    Heavy Armor
    Great Weapon
    Wyrdstone Necklace
    Fistul Of Laurels

    Butcher - 155

    Butcher - 155
    Dispel Scroll

    Butcher - 155
    Dispel Scroll

    5x Bulls - 225
    Iron Fists
    Light Armor

    Ironguts - 250

    5x Ironguts - 250

    8x Gnoblar Trappers - 48

    3x Yhetees - 195

    3x Yhetees - 195

    2x Maneaters - 180
    Brace Of Handguns
    Heavy Armor

    Slave Giant - 175

    Total - 2250

    Now I know that most don't like the Slave Giant but I never really used one so I figured I would try him out. The three butchers (hopefully will be alot of Gut Magic going off) will be with the bulls and Ironguts while the tyrant who is not outifitted too amazingly will be with the Maneaters, which I realize will make that unit very small and can be a big point giveaway but I figure if used right it wont be so bad. So that's it, what do you think

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