Hello, I am new to Warhammer, and this is my first attempt at an Ogre Army. Any Advice would be appreciated.

Bruiser (Greedy Fist, Sword of Battle, Heavy Armor)

Butcher (Bangstick, Dispell Scroll)

Hunter (Beastkiller)

Core Units:
2x Bulls (4 Bulls, 4 Ironfists)

2x Bulls (4 Bulls)

Ironguts 1 (4 Ironguts, Gutlord, Lookout-Gnoblar)

Ironguts 2 (4 Ironguts, Standard Bearer, Ragbanner)

Gnoblar Fighters 1 (20 Gnoblar Fighters)

Gnoblar Fighters 2 (30 Gnoblar Fighters)

Gnoblar Trappers 1 (8 Gnoblar Trappers)

Leadbelchers 1 (4 Leadbelchers)