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Thread: OK first 500pts

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    Apr 2009
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    OK first 500pts

    Hey guys i've just ordered a battalion and I'm looking at what i should make up for my first 500pt list to get going with. (I know i can make 1k points with the battalion but i've been playing 500pts with my mate to get into the rules more)
    Below is the list i'm thinking of running at first,

    bruiser -
    sword of battle -
    ironfist -
    heavy armour -
    total - 169

    3 bulls -
    bellower -
    ironfist -
    total - 130

    3 ironguts (with bruiser) -
    bellower -
    total -

    24 gnoblar fighters -

    total - 501

    I think the unit choice is ok but i'm not too sure on my bruisers setup, i gave him sword of battle for an extra attack and ironfist+heavy armour for a 4+ armour save. I was also considering dropping an irongut and running my bruiser naked to squeeze in a gorger. I'm not sure if it's legal to run only 2 ironguts as they are 3+ and i don't know if a bruiser in their ranks will count as 3+.
    Thanks for any advice you guys can give.

    (edit) the other plan i was thinking of using (has worked in the small games i've played with skull pass dwarves) is to run my bruiser solo behind my ironguts until it's clear for him to flank charge whatever unit my ironguts ends up in combat with, this was pretty effective with the dwarves as at 500pts every unit was in combat in the first couple of turns.

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    500 pts games are most times really exciting or just extremely boring.
    Your list is quite similar to the list I play.
    The suggestions I have are:
    Keep the bruiser simple and give him heavy armour and a great weapon on further unspent points you can buy something like a gnoblar thiefstone or maybe a gutmaw for an extra tough bruiser.

    I'd say drop all command on bulls and ironguts so you can get 8 trappers that you are going to need for marchblocking and luring every game (trappers are extremely usefull in such small games) +maybe drop a gnobler or 2 just to make sure you've got the points.

    And about the unit size:
    You really need 3 ironguts in a unit if its states unit size 3+.

    And about the strategy:
    Running the bruiser by himself is a good plan but then a thiefstone for magic def. is required.(in my opinion)

    The bruiser is a big hard monster that beats down anyone at 500 pts but doesn't negate rank bonuses.
    The bruiser is also very deadly if you have him in an irongut unit reconsider that.
    Have fun and fight in the name of the great maw!
    Grz W.O.F.

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    Please dont post individual points costs. Thanks.

    As for your Bruiser, he cant use an Ironfist (ordinary weapon) if he has a Magic Weapon. As above, keep him simple for now. Cathayan Longsword is quite cool. Add armour if you have a few points spare.

    Maybe drop the Bellowers from the units. ALso as the armour save is pretty poor, and you have decent Toughness anyway, drop the Ironfists for Add HWs, same usable thing just a bit chepaer.

    Maybe drop the Gnoblars and get a Gorger? Or dont, and boost the Bulls to 4 strong.

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