Hey, I just started an Ogre army, mostly because they look so dang cool. I'm mostly going to be fighting against Warriors of Chaos and in the two games I've played I'm have trouble against their magic and overall toughness of them. So after making a few army lists I've decided on this one, but I would like some more opinions (as I am also new to WHF to help see things I may be missing.

Bruiser-187 (Goes with the unit of 5 Bulls)
-Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Giantbreaker and Greedy Fist

Butcher-175 (Goes with the unit of Ironguts
-3 Gnoblar Theifstones

Butcher-180 (Goes solo to support all units around him)
-Halfling Cookbook and Dispel Scroll

5 Bulls-285 (Charges up next to the Ironguts, hitting the heavy hitting units)
-Crusher, Bellower, Standard Bearer w/ Runemaw, Light Armour and Iron Fists

5 Ironguts-290 (same as above)
-Bellower,Gutlord and Standard Bearer

3 Bulls-105 (Flanking unit)

3 Bulls-105 (same as above)

Slavegiant-175 (Mainly taken to soak up fire and support combats)

Things I am unsure of is not having any special choices, not sure how essential they are. I haven't had much luck with Gorgers, As most of the units are in the center of the table and his knights are always on the table sides, but i can see them being okay coming in really early.

Anyway, just looking for some general advise and maybe some useful tactics.

Thanks in advance!