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    starting ogres, need help wit 2250 list

    I have been told by several veteran players that ogre kingdoms is by far the worst army in the game. I took their word for it before i started the orcs and goblins. although the orks and goblins are good, they fail miserably against anything scary that charges them. I was thinking that there was no way an ogre could be considerably worse than that, and decided to look at the army book.

    I am so completely sold on this. Horrendous numbers of attacks per guy, tons of wounds, and they are fast. then the magic is ridiculously good. Tyrants are amazing character killers.
    you get a guy that appears behind enemy lines and destroys everything for really really cheap. you get a chariot with a stone thrower on top of it. when i read the leadbelchers section i pooped a brick. they are more brutal that lootas in 40k

    so i have decided to pick up an army from someone, and this is my thoughts on a 2250 (standard game size in my store) list. I just want to know if this seems like a viable army to rock out with to you guys who have been pushing fat guys around on a table for a while.

    Heros 841
    Tyrant - Character killer, General
    Gut Maw
    Spangleshard (lol, wut?)

    Butcher - wizards that don't die? sign me up!
    Blood Cleaver
    dispell scroll

    Butcher - supports leadbelchers
    dispell scroll

    Butcher - scroll caddy
    Dispell scroll
    Dispell scroll

    Core 871
    5 Bulls - Not bad for a mandatory unit
    Armor, Iron fist

    4 ironguts - Death.
    4 ironguts
    4 ironguts

    20 Gnoblars - combat res for emergencies

    Special 385
    2 Leadbelchers - gunners, pretty much ran as 1 squad
    2 Leadbelchers - 1 fires, the other reloads

    Scraplauncha - Mobile firing platform that can kill you?

    Rare 150
    Gorger - Look really cool and wreck havok behind enemy lines

    240 points of magical crap

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    I was just in my first tournament playing ogres, and everyone would mention how bad ogres were (most of the time was when I got massacred twice ) Fear is a very nice thing to have army wide, for it saved me a few times when being charged and when charging.

    So starting with your tyrant, I say he looks very solid. (just make sure to get him into combat with other characters!)

    Butcher #1 I am not a fan of the cleaver, for butchers are just t5 bulls. I would say to replace with the rock eye.

    Butcher #2 Beautiful!

    Butcher #3 Awesome!

    Bulls. I am not sure why you want 5!

    Iron Guts: Bellowers are handy I will give you that! But are 4 really that much better then 3?

    Scrapalauncher: I am really wanting one of these!

    Leadbelchers: These things are wonderful, they keep people thinking twice before charging.

    Gorgers: These things are great, yet I cant decide if I want one of two in my army.
    In my first tournament game they took out a bolt thrower. Second game thanks to the scenario causing stupidity for a turn, they were able to killing blow a skaven BSB in the back of a unit. Third game my army was basically dead before they even came on the board. Fourth game we got to switch armies (I played beast men) my opponent took back a banner and destroyed a unit in the final turn, though he still got a major loss D:. The final game they both destroyed a great cannon and helped kill a unit of outriders.

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