Okay, so I got the OK Army Book a few days ago and have been poring over it in my spare time. I'm more interested in the modelling aspect of the hobby, but hey, this can't hurt.

A bit of my Tribe's fluff... Hurket, the Tyrant of the Shiny Stones Tribe, was always secretly fascinated with Maneater stories of travel and exotic lands. He would dream of new places to pillage, new stuff to eat, new fights to pick, and riches beyond Greasus Goldtooth's hoard.

One year, he put his most trusted Ogres in charge, his brother, the Slaughtermaster Targutt, and the Hunter Vurrfog. He took forty ogres, a horde of Gnoblars, and his Slavegiant, Gruul, along with twenty-five Gnoblar made wagons, a portion of his tribe's gold and the meat of a half a great mammoth, and set off down the Ivory Road. By the time they reached Cathay, they had added six thinling wagons taken from a passing meal, there were only nineteen Bulls left and half the Gnoblars had vanished

Hurket traded gold, large amounts of Wyrdstone and Thiefstones, and a few Gnoblars for the next year. Receiving a Cathayan Longsword in a barter, Hurket took to the blade fast. Several of the Bulls became full time bodyguards for high ranking thinlings. After months, the caravan set off for Ind, minus seven Bulls and thirty-seven Gnoblars.

Ind was a treasure trove of a new type of treasure - spice. Hurket instantly saw the potential in making stuff taste better, and traded for every type of spice availiable. Handcarved statues, ornate armour plates and chunks of brass were obtained, as well. The caravan became very wealthy, compared to thinling caravans.

By the time the caravan returned to the Ogre Kingdoms, to the mountain of Hurket's Tribe, there were 13 Bulls and sixty-three Gnoblars left. Gruul had to wheel half of the treasure in a very, very large wagon. In all, they obtained through barter, trade and intimidation, roughly twenty-nine tons of gold and jewels, three-quarter tons of weapons, armour and magic trinkets, several sets of eastern handguns, four small jars of a foul ink, and eighty-six barrels of various spices.

Hurket divided each variety of spice in half, with one half being kept for his tribe and the other for future trade in the Thinling Realms (which was two months later) and their own tribe. Hurket returned, finally, to his tribe, known as the Spicetrader. This name was taken as he tripled the entire tribe’s wealth just trading with the thinlings.

First for my 500 point list...


Bruiser - Hurket Spicetrader
Cathayan Longsword, Brace of Handguns

4 Bulls
Crusher, Additional Hand Weapon, Light Armour

20 Gnobbos

8 Gnoblar Trappers

Gruul the SlaveGiant
Chains and Temper


# models in army - 33
# S5+ - 2
Fear+Terror- 5+1

So yeah. Basically, i use gnobbos while fighting with Hurket who is with the Bulls. The Gnobbos and Hurket can do a bit of ranged support.. The giant is more for distraction than anything, and i can see people screaming cheese, but then again, you CAN ignore it. The Giant would try to pull off a simultaneous charge with the 5 strong unit, hopefully killing enough.


Bruiser - Hurket Spicetrader Giantbreaker
Cathayan Longsword, Brace of Handgnus, Heavy Armour, Luck Gnoblar, Giantbreaker Big Name, Wyrdstone Necklace.

Butcher - Targutt, Maker of Good Tasty and Brother of the Spicetrader
Tooth Gnoblar, Bloodcleaver, Halfling Cookbook

5 Bulls

24 Gnoblars

8 Gnoblar Trappers

3 Ironguts
Standard, RuneMaw
Slave Giant - Gruul
Flailing Chains


# models- 52
# S5+ - 5
Fear+Terror- 10+1

More oomph. Butcher with Bulls, Bruiser with IG, the Gnoblar Fighters make a 12x2 or a 3x8 screen, the trappers try to stay alive and marchblock, the Slavegiant does whatever is best in that situation. When the enemy breaks the Gnobbos, the Butchers unit will counter charge. Then the Giant or Bruiser unit will flank. The Butcher will be using Bullgorger then Toothcracker, Toothcracker on his unit and Bullgorger on the Bruiser‘s unit. He will keep up GutMagic, depending on the situation, and hopefully he will stay alive and keep the Bruiser alive.

So what does everyone think? I'm trying to keep it within the fluff, with the Giant and Cathayan Longsword. Course, hitting 2000 points, screw the sword i have a Thundermace/Siegebreaker.