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    1000 point friendly v chaos warriors

    Ok guys after finding out that a Hunter cannot lead my raiding force i've decided to turn him into a Bruiser and leave his Big cats at home. Any feedback on this list would be awesome. Also i'm not sure wether to put the Bruiser into the guts unit or the bulls, any advice? Also planning to change Bruiser up to have a Siege Breaker and add a champion to the bulls unit against non chaos lists.

    Goremad Mawseeker
    Ogre Bruiser with Mawseeler big name
    Great weapon and Heavy armour
    Brahmir statue.

    4 Iron guts (with bruiser) + Standard / Bellower + The Bull standard

    5 Bulls + Standard / Bellower / Additional hand weapons

    8 Gnoblar trappers

    2 Lead belchers

    2 Lead Belchers

    1 Gorger

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    i would say put him in with the bulls, gives them LD 8, plus your guts dont have the chance of being held back by big stuipid (it happens) and.... the Brahmir statue wiil work better if you have biger Numbers !!! although if you are taking the Brahmir statue you may even want to consider putting him with some leabbelchers. if they casue a panic test they will be at a -3 to there LD, soo you could put the 2 small units together and have one big one ! and then have the bruiser jump back over to a unit of bulls while the leadbelchers reload. hmmmmm man that gives me some ideas i may just have to try out

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