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    [1k] 1st attempt - Battalion Box

    I'm looking to build an army with a small number of models, something I can hopefully complete in a reasonable time, and the small amounts of time I will have available (thanks to some impending major changes that are due in a few months).
    It's not for a tournament or anything competitive in any way whatsoever, just for the fun of it.
    And so I've pretty much decided that Ogres are the army. I know that they're not particularly devastating at the moment, but I'm not bothered by it; if they win a game, great; if not, I still played a game and hopefully had fun.

    Anyway, I've fumbled up an army list that uses pretty much just the Battalion box, needing just a small number of additional pieces to complete it. The Bruiser will be converted from one of the Iron Guts (and yes, he'll be converted to have 2 "iron fists"), and the rest is pretty obvious.

    Ogre Kingdoms Roster - The Iron Skull Tribe

    Bruiser @ 194 pts (General)
    Ironfist; Heavy Armour; Greedy Fist; Wyrdstone Necklace; Mawseeker

    3 Bulls @ 139 pts
    Bellower; Ironfist; Light Armour

    3 Bulls @ 139 pts
    Bellower; Ironfist; Light Armour

    3 Ironguts @ 199 pts
    Bellower; Standard Bearer; Lookout Gnoblar; Bull Standard

    24 Gnoblar Fighters @ 48 pts

    8 Gnoblar Trappers @ 48 pts

    4 Leadbelchers @ 230 pts

    BellowerTotal Roster Cost: 997
    Models in Army: 46

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    So this thread is kind of old but since no one ever responded to it I figured I could
    The list looks pretty good, especially since it makes use of basically the whole battalion. I wish i had my book so I could check your bruisers items but I don't have it with me D:
    the Gnoblars should be great at this point level, I just don't know how to use them that well. I generally prefer smaller groups of leadbelchers so if it was me I would break them into two groups of two, and not worry about a bellower in one.

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