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    2000 first list, new ogre player

    Hi people! I decided to buy some ogres because I'm can't find any fun in the recent (7th) edition books that have been written. Everything these days is about special rules or large monsters, so I shelved my warriors, lizardmen, vampires and empire and bought some of the "low level tier army" ogre kingdoms, just to have fun and the emotional effect. (my first army was Lizardmen but I really couldn't choose back than when I was 14 because the Ogre models looked sooo cool.)

    When I first read the book, It looked really solid. It didn't make the impression of a low tier army, but after roaming alot of fora, (I think there is no battle report on this forum I haven't read ) I began to see a few flaws here and there.

    Anyway, here is my first draft. Please note that I don't have any field test experiance with Ogres so this is all based on looking at the book.

    Tyrant, Tenderiser, Greedy Fist, Wyrdstone Necklace, Mawseeker @ 323
    Pretty standard setup I think. Ofcourse.. because everyone takes him At first I wanted to try the thundermace, to prevent to high standardness value but than again, hy would I not take him? He looks like an absolute beast, and I can't think of many characters that can stand up to him.

    Hunter, Beastkiller, Greyback Pelt, 2 Kitties @ 235
    Most of the players hate the hunter. He is to expensive, and another butcher or a bruiser is alot more point effective for your hero slot. However, I am really looking forward to use this guy. Hes fast, not being slowed down by forests or other silly things, perfect for flank charging and sending his kitties to pursue. If needed he can send his kitties away to go character "kamikaze" hunting. I won't trust this guy to bring down a hydra by himself(or any other large target, perhaps only a giant..), but perhaps, he can smack of the last wounds of it ith his beastkiller big name.

    Butcher, Bangstick, Scroll @ 180
    Butcher, Siege Breaker, Skullmantle, @ 180

    Standard right? Someone told me gut magic is pretty good. The only downside of it, is that an experianced opponant will let you cast the spells that do wounds on your butcher, but will not let him heal, leaving me with a few wounds character, wich is not to hard to kill.. I am afraid he might be right. Thoughts?

    3 Bulls, iPod @ 115
    (I like these. There cheap, do impact, can bait, flee'n'rally, or just kill stuff. If i had the points, I would give them iron fists and charge them into a unit of zombies or skeletons and expect them to win.)
    4 Iron Guts @ 192
    4 Iron Guts @ 192
    6 Iron Guts, Champion, Banner, iPod @ 338
    9 trappers @ 54
    20 gnoblar fighters @ 40

    The big unit of guts (6) will have both the tyrant and the skullmantle butcher. 4x2 setting, banner and champion on front, together with the tyrant and butcher (does the musiscian in the back rank still work than?). I read that deathstar units are pretty common in an ogre army, so this is mine.

    Gorger 75
    Gorger 75

    I think these are fantastic! Big scary killing blow ogres who will tear that cannon crew appart and with some luck, eat/tie up some nice potent units, like knights or enemy characters.

    I didn't take any leadbelchers, because even taking 1 unit, has a major effect on my combat power. I was puzzled about the scraplauncher. I like the idea of having one, but his really average combat powers and it's average shooting skills (In an army that has to advance!) made me switch him out for another unit of guts.

    So tell me what you think. Is there any chance of succes?
    CC apreciated.

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    As im running out this second i can only tell you to take a look at my tactica in my sig until i get time to actaully grab my book again after play 40k for a while.
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