Basically built from the Battalion Box (plus some stuff I already had ie. giant), this is my first attempt at an 8th Ed list.
It's pretty basic, with essentially no magic items, but I hope it will still be competitive for the early days of 8th. It is (for all intents and purposes) impossible for OK to have a BSB in less than 1500point games, which is kinda sucky, but I'm hoping that it won't be necessary.
So, apart from dropping 5 gnoblars to put a Thunderfist on the Belchers, any advice?

Tribe of the Lion-Bats ( 1250 )

Bruiser @ 167 pts (General)
Cathayan Longsword; Heavy Armour; Giantbreaker

Butcher @ 155 pts
Dispel Scroll

6 Bulls @ 288 pts
Bellower; Standard Bearer; Ironfist; Light Armour

5 Ironguts @ 295 pts
Bellower; Standard Bearer; Lookout Gnoblar; Rune Maw

2 Leadbelchers @ 110 pts

30 Gnoblar Fighters @ 60 pts

Slavegiant @ 175 pts

Total Roster Cost: 1250
Models in Army: 46