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    3000 Ard Boyz List (No need for Skrag)

    For better or worse, here's my Ard Boyz list. I really had to stretch to get it to 3000, since I'm a fan of scratch conversions, and they aren't allowed at Ard Boyz. My nifty scraplaunchers will have to stay home :-(

    LORDS - 606

    Tyrant w/tenderizer, crown of command, dragonhelm, 2 sword gnoblars, 2 luck gnoblars, heavy armor [321]

    Slaughtermaster w/hellheart, ring of ruby ruin, relic sword [285]

    HEROES - 747

    Bruiser w/BSB, rampager's standard [210]

    Butcher w/dispel scroll [155]

    Bruiser w/mammoth armor, great weapon [188]

    Bruiser w/Arabyn carpet, heavy armor, great weapon [194]

    CORE- 1341

    10 Ironguts w/full command, LOG, rune maw [555]

    9 Ironguts w/full command, LOG, banner of eternal flame [497]

    3 Bulls w/musician, standard [135]

    50 Gnoblars [100]

    10 Gnoblar Trappers [60]

    RARE- 300

    Gorger [75]

    Gorger [75]

    Gorger [75]

    Gorger [75]

    The plan is to put the Tyrant and Butcher in the unit of 10 Ironguts, and the Slaughtermaster and BSB in the unit of 9, to split things up a bit. Both units will have either a 3 or 4 wide front.

    The bulls and mammoth ogres screen the rest of the army, with the Bruiser likely running by himself, just to draw fire. Gnoblar trappers harass, the regular gnoblars are set in a horde, and the Gorgers and the Bruiser with the carpet go after warmachines.

    I'll let you know how it goes.

    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    Being new I am not sure how to help you with this list, but I would suggest losing the point cost on at least the Gorgers.
    If you do things right people wont be sure if you have done anything at all.

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