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    1st Ogre Kingdoms 2k

    Talisman of Preservation
    Sword of Swift Slaying
    Potion of Strength
    Enchanted Shield
    Luck Gnoblar 306
    (A5 WS6 S5 ALS, 3+ armour, 4+ward, with one rerollable save)

    Dispel Scroll
    Gold Sigil Sword 170
    (I10 will help keep him alive longer considering the no saves whatsoever but ateast he can give himself wounds back)

    18 Bulls
    Light Armour
    Hand Weapons and Ironfists 824
    (Butcher goes here, Ogre horde)

    8 Ironguts
    Command 434
    (Tyrant goes here)

    20 Gnoblar Fighters 40

    4 Leadbelchers 220

    I only used it once against a magic heavy lizardmen army with an engine of the gods and slann with two hordes one saurus and one temple guard, it was a blood and glory game and i ran down his temple guard unit after my bull horde got a charge in the flank against them thanks to the gnoblars holding for a turn the front of them, after he rolled three fives it was hilarious and its meant that gnoblars were worth their weight in gold, opinions from more experienced tyrants?

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    It's up to you, but you might want to find the points for a battle standard bearer. With such a large unit, you want to be sure it doesn't break early. Don't assume you'll always be within range of the Tyrant, as a couple of the missions make deployment more random, so it might not happen. I like how you put the Tyrant with the Ironguts instead of the giant unit of bulls. It's good to spread things out a bit like that.

    For points, you could always cut out a few bulls and a couple of the lead belchers. In any case, I'd definitely split the leadbelchers into 2 units of 2, to lessen the effects of misfires.

    You might want a gorger or two, to help pick on war machines, but that's up to you.

    Your equipment on your characters is interesting. Personally, I worry more about making sure they hit and hit hard, or make sure they keep alive, rather than making sure they hit first, but it's up to you.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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