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    2000 points all-comers

    Originally an allied army for my main Empire force, my ogres have grown into a collection of their own. Seeing as I've never fielded them on their own and I'm restricted to the Black Powder theme of my Empire army, here's what I've come up with.

    - Siegebreaker, Heavy Armour, Greatskull, Wyrdstone Necklace, Mawseeker

    - Bangstick, Halfling Cookbook

    - BSB, Rune Maw Banner, Brace of Handguns, Greedy Fist, Heavy Armour (causing wizards to lose levels via shooting? best. loophole. ever.)

    12 Bulls
    - Full Command, Look-out Gnoblar (butcher and bruiser go here)

    8 Ironguts
    - Full Command (tyrant goes here)

    32 Gnoblar Fighters (meatshield for the Rune Maw Banner)

    3 Leadbelchers

    3 Leadbelchers

    Ok, I know 6 Leadbelchers is overkill. What can I say, I was born on Guy Fawkes Day and thus have a justified and totally healthy love of all things that go boom. I can't see any problems with getting the Bulls and Ironguts into combat with the Greatskull and Rune Maw Banner providing an extra layer of magic defence, and both units are sufficiently tooled up enough to do some damage when they're there.

    War Machines are strangely scarce at my local store, so I've skipped on the Gorgers. If worse comes to worse, I can always go hunting with the Leadbelchers or Gnoblars. Any thoughts?

    "I like your style. You make up your own rules, just like me. Bean counters said I couldn't fire a man just for being in a wheelchair. Did it anyway. Ramps are expensive." - Cave Johnson, Portal 2

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    Hey mate,

    I like your idea, but I think you've field too few units. If you got an army like empire against (myself playing empire and ogres both like you) you, then you will outnumber u with ease, they will have way more units. so they have an advantage. A unit of yhetee can be handy with the 3d6s pursue and they move freely over hard or impassable terrain. And i would say a gorger is a must. Its a handcore unit for only 75 points, its nothing more then a cheap killing machine ideal for holding up any unit or taking down a war machine or wizard. In a battle against tombkings he took down the herophant (spelling?) I would smaller up the ironguts and the bulls. would say 5 guts and 7bulls butcher and bruiser in bull unit and tyrant in the ironguts as u said. then a group of 3yhetees and 1 or 2 gorgers and with the spare points u can make ur core units bigger.

    thats what i should do, further it looks nice u upgrades the characthers nicely, same as me.

    gr TDR
    10.000points of empire steel is a load of cannon balls.

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    your BSB is illegal , he cant have both a magic banner and magic items, its an either or.
    5000 Pts of Undeath descend upon you....

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