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    2400pt - semi competitive enviroment

    Hi all, need some advice around this list.
    im doing this from memory so if it looks above the points limit that i state is a matter of adjusting in the command groups.

    1 SM Lv4 LotGM, Fencers Blade, Talisman of Protection, Iron Fist - until FAQ'ed i dont use magic armor
    1 Bruiser - BSB, GW, Armor of Destiny, LoGnoblar
    1 FireBelly - Lv2, Hellheart

    6 Ironguts - FC, Standart of Discipline
    6 Ironguts - FC

    4 Mournfang - Std, Mus, Ironfist, Heavy Armour, Dragonhide
    4 Mournfang - Std, Mus, Ironfist, Heavy Armour

    6 Maneaters - Std, Mus, BoP, Banner of Eternal Flame (Poison/Sniper) or (Scout/Poison)

    Tell me what do you think about this sort of list. I dont (in a first phase) use big monster.

    Tks in advance

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    hey, umm in no pro with ogres, but i'd recommend..

    - more models, at this points level you may need some more models

    - gnoblars? these guys are great for defending your flanks, add some numbers to a army

    - i think a gig monster is advised but don't always necessary, maybe in high points games yes, i dunno dont have much experience

    -shooting? you have no shooting, why not get a scraplauncher, leadbelchers or thundertusk

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