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    Maneater themed army 2250

    I've had the starter box plus a couple other characters of Ogres for a while now and always wanted to do a mercenary themed army. Now that I'm out of school I finally have time to start putting them together, here's the target list I'm thinking of:

    Golgfag Maneater (Question: if you include Maneaters do they have to be his unit? If I do then swap the vanguard and poisoned attacks)

    level 4, Grut's Sickle, Greedy Fist, Extra hand weapon

    Heavy Armor, Brace of Pistols, BSB
    Giant Breaker, Dragon Helm

    Fire Belly
    2 hand weapons

    Ogres x3
    Crusher, additional Hand Weapons

    Ogres x6
    Full Command, Look out Gnoblar, Iron Fists

    Ironguts x6
    Full Command, Look out Gnoblar, Banner of Swiftness

    Maneaters x3
    Vanguard, Sniper
    Captain, 3x Brace of Ogre Pistols

    Maneaters x7
    Full Command, Look out Gnoblar
    3 with great weapons, 3 with Brace of Pistols, 1 with additional hand weapon, Heavy Armor
    Banner of Eternal Flame
    Stubborn, Poisoned Attacks

    Most Notable Achievements:
    Killed a Revenant Titan in one shot.
    Killed 900 pts worth of Blood Angels in 2 turns while only loosing 4 pts.

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    sounds fun

    i think you need some more...

    Gnoblars, a unit of 10 with trappers makes them a formidible unit. Even a unit of 50 to make a horde would be nice

    Nasties, big creaturres like Stonehorns, thunder tusks, mournfangs, gorgers, yheetes, where are they?!

    Maybe less units in general and make bigger units, in 1K i run two units of 8 bulls and a squad of mournfangs

    Anyway good luck to your army, i have yet to see and maneaters in my army

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    Maneaters with Golgfag don't have to be his specifically. You "may" upgrade them, not "must".

    Also, I think you need to buff up your unit sizes. Roll the 3 ogres into the 6, and run them 2x4 (more attacks on the enemy unit, you can easily fit 4 ogres against a 5-wide frontage of anything else).

    Gnoblars and big gribblies aren't essential, but I do think the sniper maneater unit is a tad on the useless side, as is the unit of 7 maneaters. 5 with Golgfag is enough to steamroll anything. Spend the extra points on either another unit of ogres/IGs or buffing up the current ones. Or buy some leadbelchers or a leadblaster/scraplauncher.

    I know you want a strong maneater theme but they're just too damn expensive to take a lot of them. If you want to over-represent maneaters, you could always add some minor conversions to the rest of your army to give them a slightly maneatery theme that will save on both cash and points. This can be achieved by something as simple as assorted bits from units of other armies to represent a widely-travelled army (eg: one of those big feral orc spear things being used by a Gutlord or Bruiser).
    "I like your style. You make up your own rules, just like me. Bean counters said I couldn't fire a man just for being in a wheelchair. Did it anyway. Ramps are expensive." - Cave Johnson, Portal 2

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