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    3000pts Storm of Magic army.

    In January I hope to be attending the Shadows over Albion Storm of Magic campaign weekend and I've decided to muster my Ogres for this one. Below is the army I am going to be very likely taking for it.

    The Ironstone Tribe

    Slaughtermaster - Handweapon, Additional handweapon, Staff of Channeling, Extra level. (Lore of the Great Maw) 317pts

    Firebelly - Greatweapon, Rock-Eye, Extra level. (Lore of Fire) 169pts

    Bruiser - Handweapon, Additional handweapon, Heavy armour, Dragonhelm, The Other Tricksters Shard, Giantbreaker. 162pts

    8 Ogres - Handweapons, Ironfists, Light armour, Full command. 286pts

    8 Ogres - Handweapons, Ironfists, Light armour, Full command. 286pts

    8 Ironguts - Greatweapons, Heavy armour, Full command, Standard of Discipline. 389pts

    4 Leadbelchers - Handweapons, Leadbelcher guns, Light armour, Thunderfist and Bellower. 192pts

    4 Mournfang Cavalry - Handweapons, Ironfists, Heavy armour, Ride mournfangs, Full command, Dragonhide banner. 360pts

    Stonehorn - Harpoon launcher. 250pts


    The Pact of Aeric

    Truthsayer - Handweapon, Staff of Light, Triskelle, Extra level. (Lore of Life) 245pts

    Manticore - Iron hard skin. 175pts

    Manticore - Bloodrage. 180pts


    Total 2996pts

    The main idea is that the slaughtermaster and the truthsayer get to their arcane fulcrums as quickly as possible and begin casting augment spells on the rest of the army. The bruiser and the firebelly will advance with the ogres and head towards an enemy arcane fulcrum and knock the existing occupant off by whatever means necessary with the firebelly seizing the fulcrum once he does so. The mournfangs, stonehorn and manticores will charge the enemy units or monsters. An unsubtle army but it is quite effective.


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