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    2500 New OK player

    Hey, it's been a while since I've been playing WHFB. I've only played 40K the past 1,5 year.
    Since the new edition I wasn't motivated for the game anymore, but I'm starting a new army.
    I've played a game last Friday, against Lizardmen, and to my surprise I won bigtime.

    I played with a list quite like this, but instead of 2 Ironblasters, there were some magic banners and a Firebelly in there.
    Here goes:

    Slaughtermaster (lv3), dispel scroll

    Bruiser, BSB, heavy armour, great weapon, talisman of preservation

    16 Ogres, iron fists, full command, look out gnoblar
    8 Ironguts, full command

    3 Mournfang, banner, bellower, heavy armour, iron fists
    3 Mournfang, banner, bellower, heavy armour, iron fists


    I've still got 64 points to spend, and don't really know where to spend it. And please keep in mind, I've not played WHFB last year, so I don't know how this will do against other armies except Lizardmen.


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    I'm personally not a fan of iron guts.... so that frees up alot of points
    you could do with a lv2 butcher in there taking the lore of beasts maybe
    you'd be able to bump the mournfangs up to units of 4
    maybe get some shooting that isn't from the thundertusk?

    other than the iron guts and double iron blaster its very simular to the list i use and i've had some stupidly good success againsts Warriors, brets, High+dark elves orcs and gobs i've yet to play lizzards no one if our group has them and Dwarfs are my next opponent mwhahahahaha roasted dwarf

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    I used to think the thundertusk was a good option, but after a game yesterday (3k vs HE), I like the stonehorn a lot better. If you team the stonehorn up with some mournfang, then you have a great hammer pair that will mince anything they stack into.
    I use a firebelly over a butcher, some of those fire spells kick so much arse. The best is Fulminating Flame Cage, good way to shut a unit down so you can charge him.
    I use Leadbelchers to great effect, and my Ironguts do large amounts of damage, but the bulls can do just the same, depending on the army you are facing.
    I like a level 4 Slaughtermaster, better chance to get those spells you want, namely toothcracker(+1 T, but I could be mistaken on the name), bullgorger and trollguts.

    And mainly, just remember to use all thowe extras like impact hits, stomps and fear. In that 3k game, I forgot about fear through all of it. I still won, he had only a bolt thrower and his general left on the field, he had killed very little of mine. I had about 2.5k VP and he had 0.
    May the Dragon of Unhappiness never fly up your bottom.

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